Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This was a wonderful Halloween for us. We decided to take the kids to Wrightwood and spend some time with our friends up there. We LOVED it. Noah and I desire to live in the beautiful mountains that are filled with a closeness that you just don't get in Victorville. Having a small cabin to call home would be a blessing but for now we feel contentment with where God is calling us to live. However we make an effort to participate in different activities up there so that we may enjoy a little piece of Wrightwood bliss.

Charlie wanted to be a detective this year and I could not find a trench coat or really anything to make her costume except a pipe, that I was not too excited about. So I found this idea on where else? Pinterest. We decked her out with makeup and punk hair so she looked like a rock star in her iPod costume. It was a hit. She would get two pieces of candy while her sister and brother got one. People kept trying to push play...not sure she liked that very much.

Scooby Doo wanted to be Yoshi from Mario Brothers so I enlisted the best seamstress I know, My Momma! She always makes the cutest costumes for my kids. He was so excited to wear it and I am sure that it will not be the last day I will see him in it.

Little T came up with the idea of being a sock hop nerd. We had my mom once again put her talent to use and make the skirt. We bought a shirt and suspenders to go with it, and the rest we had at home. She had her friend B wanted to match and they looked great together!

We ended the night with about 20 of us. All friends brought together by soccer. Our families have become close and we have felt extremely blessed to be apart of some amazing people. This picture made us smile because six of the eight girls are on the tournament soccer team that is coming up at the end of this month. We know this year the girls are going to have a blast because of what great friends they already are.

I am not a huge fan of pictures. I like to take them personally, but I wanted to capture my husband. We had to dress up as "Where's Waldo's" for a Reunion night with our high schoolers so Noah wanted to get some use out of his homemade costume. I opted not to wear mine and Noah definitely didn't let that one go. :)

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