Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 16

This year I decided to coach my daughter's soccer team. Now let me give you some background to this. I never grew up playing soccer. Never. I had children and desired for them to be involved in some kind of activity. First tried dance because that is what I used to do, then gymnastics, then girl scouts, and then off to soccer we went. She fell in love at 6 years old. Now at 11 she plays for a u12 team and loves it. She is actually really good and I am not just saying that either ;) While playing we have made some amazing life long friends and have actually all taken up playing, Noah and I included.

I was asked by a friend to join a women's soccer team and hesitantly agreed. Again I have never played. When we started I was surprised to see 18-24 year olds out on the field to play against us. Well um I was the youngest on our team, at 28!!! We joyfully played and after losing EVERY game by at least 20 points, we actually finished the season playing a game that was 6-5. Now we still lost, but hey, we got a lot better Huh?!

So after three months of playing I thought hey I can coach. haha. Two weeks into it is when I got the calling to homeschool. Noah quickly took over being the coach for me. I still get to be apart of the team by being a great cheerleader!

Here is our team for this year. Noah asked the girls before our first game if they would like to pray and they said yes, now they ask to do it before every game! God is so amazing.

Soccer has become a family enjoyment. Every Saturday that is where you will find us. It has opened a lot of doors for us by sharing our faith and being able to fellowship with other believers. We want to fill Christ into everything we do, not just for Sundays and the occasional discussion...EVERYTHING!

I know that there has to be boundaries for us as well while being apart of a competitive sport. We play for an organization that is geared toward family, fun, and fair, but again, it is a competitive sport. Noah and I do our best to stay out of the political aspect of it. It is an enjoyment for our family and we hope to bring good news to others not only by our words but by our actions. Now with this said, I am in prayer for myself constantly because I am the most competitive person I know!

Our season is coming to an end this week and I am so proud of our girls who came in second place. We still have many more games to play with Little T making not only the tournament team but the All Stars as well. So proud of her!

Here is a small glimpse into our soccer world.

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