Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 28

Today has been a bit of a struggle. I was trying to think about what I should be thankful for. Now I am thankful for so many things, but what can I write about, that makes the cut. When I began my blog, I had this desire to be honest about everything. I want to be transparent to my readers so that they may feel hope and inspiration. The last thing I want people to do is stumble because they look at my life and desire what I have. It is hard when you see someone who has it all together. Now I have talked about this before, but this is a huge issue in the "mom" world especially. We feel incompetent because the next person does things better.

Anyways this is not what I am thankful for today. Today I am rejoicing in truth! I love that the Word of God is truth and that it is used as the guide for my life. I sit comfortably in knowing that God has saved me from my sin and that just because I make a mistake it is not all over for me. He continues to work in my life to make me more like Him.

Truth is today I have been feeling like an epic failure. I was ready to send my kids back to school about five minutes into starting this morning. I made Charlie cry, then I made Little T cry, and I am listening to them fight downstairs right this very moment. There are some moments where I just don't understand why God called me to teach them. I am not very good at planning so when the morning arrives to do school and they open their lesson plan, I am just not quite sure what they are doing. (Note to self: Must fix that) Truth is, I just sometimes want to crawl back into bed in hopes that everything would just go about as if I were there. Sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and I don't know what to do. {SIGH}

Truth is my daughter just told me that she feels blogging is more important than her.....ouch! Well I am going to end my writing for today. I do want to share another truth that was shared with me today that I would like to pass on. After reading this I might just only start getting 4 hours of sleep so that I may do all things that are a want and when my family is awake do the things that are wanted and needed.

This is from Jacinda over at Growing Home via Sonya at Becoming a Strong Woman of God~ Thanks for sharing!
Please read on my next post.

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