Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving Thanks~Day 4

I am definitely not a home designer. I know what I like but many times I have difficulty putting a room together. That is why I love blogs and pinterest so much. It gives me ideas that I can replicate. I have never looked at as stealing, just borrowing the idea! I am grateful to those that share their home and ideas with the rest of us that are not so talented in that area. With that said, the next thing that I am grateful for is my home.
I do my absolute best to make my house a comfortable home. I want my family and friends to feel warm and cozy when they are here. I love to entertain and have people over weekly so it brings me joy to redesign a space and make something new. I am grateful that my children each have their own rooms to express their personalities in and to feel like they have some space to call theirs.
Here are some of my favorite things in my home.

                                                                     ~Cross wall~

                                                                         ~ Noah's Ark~

~Sofa Table~

                                                                       ~Reading Nook~


                                                              ~antique radio~


Just a few things that I adore. Each one of course comes with a short story.

~The cross wall has been slllloooowwwlllyyy growing. I like to pick one up at a Hobby Lobby while traveling since the state of California is depriving us!

~The Noah's Ark was a great find. My husband who also carries the name Noah, hehe, and I were in Temecula at one of the antique stores and came across this. For curiosity sake, we asked the worker how much it was. She said "The seller is asking $35 for it. I would never sell it for that cheap but she is." We grabbed it so fast I think people thought we were stealing it! We love it and it is a great conversation piece.

~ I am in love with this sofa table. It was my moms and she was storing it because of not having the room to use it. I begged her to just let me borrow it until she wanted to use it again. Well after about three years, yes three, she finally gave it to me. Ah I love it.

~I have always wanted an oak tree painted in my home. Not sure why and not ever sure of where it would look good. I met a fabulous art student who offered to paint one for me so we found the perfect place. Upstairs in between all the kids rooms. She even painted a growth chart for us and a red robin. I think it gives creativity to their space.

~This was an antique radio that my dad gave to us and we decided to sand it and stain and make it a piece of furniture.

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of my home.

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  1. I went to Hobby Lobby in Rancho Cucamonga yesterday - FABULOUS!!!! And, if you look on their says there are plans to bring one to Victorville on Amargosa! Cute blog posts about what you are thankful for! ;) Looking forward to hanging out next week.