Monday, March 26, 2012

week 13

Sometimes it seems so easy, and sometimes it seems super hard! For some reason the beginning of the week seems so simple. I usually lose about 3 pounds between Sunday and Wednesday and then my body seems to like stop! Which, three pounds a week, well it's my goal. This week though for some reason I gained back two pounds. This week was a whopping 1.2 pounds lost, but hey I didn't gain.

I did change something up a little. Noah and I watch a great documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was great and I loved watching it. It geared Noah and I up for some juicing. Now when I used to think of juicing, I used to think Juice it up, or Jamba juice. Delicious and full of....sugar! Well this was a different type of juice. Any fruit and any vegetable juice. No sugar, no flavors, just raw veggies and fruit. We decided to try and juice for our dinners. So far we have done four nights and I actually enjoyed it. That is except for the onion, that was a bad idea.

After hitting up Costco and trying to get as much organic as I could we had a stocked fridge.

So here is to a better week!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scooby's room

A few weeks ago we did a little rearranging in Scooby's room so I wanted to share what it looks like.

So first I wanted to make over his toy box. My sister in law made this at Home Depot and had it painted with different shades of her hand print. Now as sweet as that is, I was usually finding the box being shifted from one closet to the next because the colors didn't match anywhere, and therefore not really utilized. So I started out with red, and it looked TERRIBLE! So then I primed it and and painted it white.

I had some wooden letters that I was able to paint and bring in the color red. Yes that is Scooby's name...I wasn't able to show you his room unless you saw this, and I thought it was too cute to keep to myself.

Then Noah added some hinges on the inside so the lid won't slam down. Mainly for the little fingers that visit our home once in awhile. We added some batting and then covered the lid with Scooby's baby blanket. That is my favorite part!! I think it adds so much character and sentimental value.

 So here is the whole room. Two beds fit nicely that we can use for guests and it gives him two options of sleeping quarters! You can't see it great, but the picture was actually given to us and it refers to your walk with God. I just love how the room turned out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

week 12

So I think today is week 12?! It doesn't seem like I started that long ago. So many things have changed for me though. I love that I almost never get that "stuffed" feeling after I eat. I never feel sick. Of course I say almost never because there was the night with the pazookie! haha I will never do that again! Did I mention I ate it at one in the morning?! YUCK!!

I did have this picture on one of Pinterest boards and it helped me stay focused even when I felt like nothing was changing.

I see myself everyday and so I don't always feel like I have changed that much. Many friends have started noticing and their compliments have made me feel great. Definitely praying for humility through those comments, but who doesn't love being told "you are melting!"

This past Friday my mom invited me to a chocolate boutique. Now my first reaction was chocolate? I can't be around chocolate! That is my weak spot. And it doesn't matter what form it comes in....cookie, candy,'s all AMAZING! I wanted to spend some time with her and my sister so I went making sure that day I had left some calories. Luckily they had coffee. So I filled up on a nonfat decaffeinated coffee. Then I had two pieces of sugar free chocolate and finally some plain strawberries and pineapple. Now before, I would have covered all that in the chocolate fountain like the rest of the ladies, but I was grateful I didn't. The only bad part was that the next day I was CRAVING MORE! Yep I can't believe how that stuff is addicting.

I have been running more and decided that I wanted to set a new goal for myself. I want to run 15 miles a week. Right now I am averaging eight, so I want to step it up a little. My fitbit tells me that I need to burn 2800 calories a day, and it seems like I fall short of that almost everyday. Running is a great way to burn more calories and if one day I want to run a half marathon then I need to step it up!

This week I lost another 3 pounds. I kind of feel like I have been able to keep up with these biggest loser contestants. I know some of the ladies lose around 5-7, but some lose 3 pounds a week and I think the last few weeks I have been doing that. Well actually it has been the last two....well anyway it is something haha!

I have been procrastinating on this but here is an updated picture of myself.

and here is a side by side...

                 week 6 vs. week 12

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

weekend weigh in

It has been a super busy week. So I apologize for not being able to post my weekly update yesterday. I Hope you didn't think I quit and started stuffing myself with oreos!! Even though that may sound good to have at least one, I am still chugging along! Something that I have come to realize is this is a lifestyle now. It is not temporary, it's forever! My body would probably still eat cookies, but mind is telling me something different. I am desiring to put healthy foods into my body! Now of course not every little thing is, but for the most part, I am making great choices. I am learning new things that I never really wanted to know. Like eating carbs after lunch is bad. My husband said "they stick to the inside of your body like glue." EWW! That is such a disgusting image to me, so I have been trying to make all of our complex carb meals for lunch instead of dinner. Rice, pasta, heavy breads..those kinds.

If you read my post on Friday about me and the hubster celebrating our anniversary, then you would know that he is AMAZING and got me the new fitbit. It is a very accurate pedometer that is super high tech. It not only monitors every step/stair I take, but it monitors my sleep habits. Tells me how many times I woke up in the middle of the night. How much sleep I actually got. It also is super small and just clips to the middle of my bra. I just have to walk close to my computer where the docking station is located and it will automatically upload my information to the computer. It tells me exactly how many calories I burned during the day and then I just log my food to show how much I ate. Brilliant. Noah did have to help me get started. I never understand all those informational guides. I just need it given to me simple and quick. Even then it might have to be repeated a few times...sorry babe!

So with this little gadget, I have now set some pretty high goals for myself. I want to lose three pounds every week. That will put me at my ultimate goal by June 25th. Now I know I may hit some plateaus but with the fitbit I know exactly what is going in and out, so therefor I should have a better chance of staying on track.
Each day I need to burn 2800 calories, and eat 1350.
I really should have the company send me a free one for how much I love and talk this thing up to people. Maybe I'll call them never hurts to ask! Haha.

Yesterday I weighed in at 181.2. That is 25.8 pounds lost!

I will hopefully have a picture for you next week. I haven't forgot about that fun little thing....{cough cough}

Our Biggest loser group is also going great. The first week I was the second to last in weight, but this week it made me step it up and I was in the top ten. These ladies are tough to beat. It makes me so happy though to have some friendly competition. I have the potential to win $400, so I keep imaging going to Ikea and buying my new counter tops with that money. Then I will have another great thing to share with you, so root for me, would ya?!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yesterday was a great day that I wanted to share with you all. Noah and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and 13 years together. Yep that's right we started dating and got married and don't forget got engaged all on the same day. Different years of course!

We met through a mutual friend while I was still in high school and he was one year out of high school. I really fell fast for him. Now that happens at that age a lot, I know. I was no different but our relationship was. We worked through some harder times in the beginning of our relationship and made it work. I am so grateful we did!
He is my best friend, the one I desire to talk to, share dreams to, confide in, trust and love! He is an amazing husband who loves me more than I deserve. He is a man that loves the Lord and guides our family to do so as well!
To celebrate the night we headed out for a night on the town with a couple of our friends! We went out to a burger place called Slaters. They are famous for their 50/05 burgers. 50% ground beef and 50% bacon. Now I know what you are thinking.... I did not enjoy what they are famous for, instead I enjoyed a southwest salad that was modified to fit my needs. We then headed over to a Gungor concert. I am new to the whole Gungor scene, however I am majorly impressed! I think I found a new favorite band!

(terrible picture...sorry)

You can't beat being with your love in a Room full of people worshipping the Lord! It doesn't get much better than that!

To top the night off we went to BJ's to get a Pazookie! Mmmmm! It was good but not worth the cheat!


The night was wonderful and we enjoyed it some of our great friends Sarah and Allen! Thanks for being our chauffeur for the night guys! We had a blast.

Today in the mail, I received a wonderful gift from my hubby. The fitbit!!! The pedometer/heart rate monitor that I posted about a few weeks ago...yep he's awesome!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend weigh in

I have officially hit 10 weeks! I began this journey determined in my mind that I was going to once and for all lose this weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Well I have had that determination before and have always given up. I can't explain how I feel different, but I just do. One example of how I know things are different is I had it in my mind that I was going to not count my calories for Friday night and enjoy a date night with my husband. Well when we went out to dinner I had the chance and I picked something healthy. I snagged some chili fries that were on the table and I only wanted a few bites. I was actually not craving any of them. I knew right then and there that something in my brain has clicked and I am finally getting it.

Last week I shared with you that I was starting a Biggest Loser challenge. Well here's the details!

We started a 10 week challenge with 26 ladies in our area that are looking to lose weight and get healthy. We call ourselves the High Desert Mom's Losing it! It was a $25 fee to join the group. Each week everyone will text me their weight and we will have a weekly winner based on the highest percentage of weight loss. The weekly winner gets $15 cash! At the end of the 10 weeks we will have a runner up who gets to take home $100 and a grand prize "LOSER" who takes home a whopping $400!!  I feel like that is some added motivation for me and hopefully for them!

My mother in law thought it was a great idea too and started her own team this week. We will be having friendly weigh in challenges to boast which team won the highest percentage of weight loss. My hubby is also putting together a couple of biggest loser style games for us to play throughout the competition.

I am so excited to meet some new ladies and hopefully encourage them to change their lives!

So as for me, this week has been great. I lost another 1.2 pounds since last week. I weighed in at 184.8 today. Slowly but surely I am losing this weight. I feel good and can't wait to get to my new goal of 136. I am not sure if I have shared a weight goal with you, but it might be different than the last time so there it is...136. Now I obviously have no idea if my body will go that low. I have never been that small. Active in high school I was 143. Plus that was before babies.

Another great thing that is happening is compliments. People who know I have been trying, but they have made me feel great this week. So thank you Lisa and Denette! That encourages me to keep going and reach my goals.

I went shopping for a pedometer as I told you last week and was so happy to use it. Day two I washed it! BUMMER! Well I dried it out in a bag of rice so now I have to grab a new battery and see if it still works. Maybe I should have gotten a watch type? Hmm...well maybe next time.

I am going to push myself to lose at least 3 pound this week. Yep I am blasting no extra goodies this week ;)