Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 22

I am grateful for exercise. Now I have a love hate relationship with working out! I love it while I am doing it, but hate getting up to do it! I used to love the mornings of waking up, dropping of the chitlings at school, then heading home to work out with some friends. It is always easier to work out with others rather than by yourself.

A couple years back I got really into Jillian Michaels workout DVD's. My friends and I bought them all and we rotated homes to work out together. That kept me working out 3-4 a week and I felt great. I really do enjoy working out and feeling better about myself.

Well since I now home school that is all gone...sad face. I started homeschooling and stopped working out completely. I quickly realized that I needed to be more disciplined with my time so that I may take better care of myself. Last week I made a commitment to myself to get up a little earlier and head to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 1 hour as many days as I can. My goal has become 15 miles a week. Not much working out compared to what I used to do but I chose walking because A) I can walk at home...yes the gym is in my house and  B) because I could fill my brain with some great things. Some being church sermons, Francis Chan, or even some good Christian music.

Even though I may not get to work out with my girlfriends I do get to do it from home and there should never be any excuses to not take care of myself.

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