Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giving Thanks Day 1

         I am so excited for November. A wonderful month to kind of slow down and really take in what you have to be thankful for. Since starting my blog I have seen some pretty amazing blogs and met some really amazing people. One thing I wanted to try was a 30 day devotion. You pick anything from decorating, party, to organizing ideas. Each day the readers receive a new post. I was wanting to do one but thought it wasn't going to start until much later, however it is November and I thought what a great way to share 30 days of Thanks!
          I absolutely have start out with single most important thing in my life and that is JESUS! Some of you know my story but for some you may not. When I was sixteen I met an amazing guy, who just so happens to be my husband (he is definitely next on my list of thanks...so come back tomorrow to find out a little more.) I was sort of a wreck, well that is saying it lightly. I was a train wreck. I was hanging with people that I shouldn't have, doing things I shouldn't have been doing and well just living a self serving lifestyle.  My life was a disaster with nothing good in my future. Soon after meeting my Noah we became pregnant with our first daughter Taylor. I was only seventeen when I became a mother and my life changed drastically. However she was just the thing for God to take a hold of my heart and show me what a life with Him would be like. I was saved by His grace and mercy and given true forgiveness! He gave me a life with purpose and is showing me each and everyday how to be more like Him. Even though I still stumble daily, I know that with God all things are possible!

Hume Lake. God's Beauty!

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