Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 9

Today I am thankful for chores. I have always taught my children that helping around "our" home was just about being apart of this family. However I like many of you have found myself asking and asking and asking some more for something to be done. I have tried numerous things to keep our children helping and while it worked for a small amount of time, it never truly succeeded. I have had many friends order the accountable kids program and to be honest I am a little envious that I just could not spend the money on them. So I had to search and find something that would work for our family with a little less spending. This program is a similar idea to the accountable kids program. It allows me to customize their chores according to their capabilities and they can be changed daily.

So here is how it works. I place five chores for them to do in their slots each day. The chores range from vacuuming one room, dusting living room, clean 1 bathroom, brush teeth, make bed, get dressed and so on. Foe each chore completed they receive a ticket. At the end of the day whatever didn't get finished can not be done a different day. They get to turn in their tickets at the end of the week and get .25 per ticket they earned. Now I am paying them for one reason and that is to teach them money management. They must tithe and save 10%. There is also a BEEhavior award in there. When they have been extra good, none of our new rules have been broken, then they get a sticker for that day. When their card is full they will get a one on one date with mom and dad.

I have just temporarily placed them in the baseball card holders that I used to use for my coupons....more on that later ;) It is working just fine for now but I am on the hunt to find a holder that is cheaper than the one that the website suggested.
Here is a link to accountable kids~

Here is a link to where I found this program that was Free~

Both are wonderful, just depends on your budget.

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