Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giving Thanks~ day 3

My children are a huge blessing to me. Being a mom is something that is temporarily given to me by God and is the biggest responsibility of my life. I really have one chance to do a good job and hope that they learn enough from me to follow the Lord once they are no longer under my care. My prayers are deep for them daily. Prayers of gratitude, hope for their future, them as grown adults, as friends, I pray for their husbands and wife, everything I can think of I give to the Lord in prayer. I love being a mom and I am loving the moment we are in.

 Little T is now 11 and keeps reminding me that she will be 12 in February! Man that went super fast!! She has grown to love the Lord and is slowly breaking out of her shy shell to love on others. She is an amazing soccer player for our local AYSO, making our traveling tournament team for three years in a row. She loves to read and is a pretty smart cookie!

Charlie is 9 and has such a fun spirit about her. Even though she has my stubbornness she acts out in love like no child I have seen. She loves to play with little kids especially babies. I can already tell that she is going to be a great mother. She is outgoing and wants to be involved in everything. I mean everything. She doesn't want to miss a beat. I love her girlishness. You will never catch her without a bow, headband, or flower out of her hair, unless of course we are at the beach. Her stories are wonderful! They are fully animated and no details are left out!

Scooby Doo. My baby. He is summed up in one word. GOOFY! At six years old he has a personality like no other! He can make up a whole scenario in minutes with his action figures and make you believe it. He loves to play Wii. Well he is a little addicted. We monitor the time allowed on it because he would seriously be on it all day, all night, and never sleep if we let him. He has me laughing daily and from what I hear from my friends, he makes them laugh too.

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