Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Feature

Today I wanted to share with you one of the most darling nurseries that I have ever seen. My friend Elizabeth is a super talented and brand new momma to Baby Fern, whom I just adore. I visited her home a few months back and then saw her post pictures the other day online so I asked if I could share with you guys. She has a talented mother in law who is a very creative crafter who helped make Fern's room complete. I hope you enjoy!

Those book shelves are spice racks from Ikea. How clever is that. The best part...they are less that $5 each.

The thing I love about the room is that most everything is made. It brings such a sense of love to the space.

Great Job Elizabeth!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week End Weigh In

Okay guys so I hit my one month mark last Thursday and have been going strong since! I was even tempted with my favorite Girl Scout Cookie...Carmel Delights, and I passed on enjoying one of those delicious 70 calorie cookies! I will hopefully be able to post a picture next week and get a little more detailed about my weight loss. I just keep thinking about the Biggest Loser contestants in those horrific sports bras on national television..um No Thank you! But I do want to be a little more honest just so my end results of this journey are more dramatic! I chose to throw myself out there and to have you all keep me accountable and that is what I am trying to do.
So this week I am down another 3 pounds at a total of 16.6 pounds. I will have to put my weight on here, but I might start next week. Haha. I have to say that is the scariest part for me, but if I am going to do this, I need to do it all the way!
My little Charlie started running with me this week and it has been very fun having her right by my side. We went out three days and I have to say I am loving it. Last time I attempted this a year ago, I dreaded getting on the treadmill, but now running outside has been amazing. I am on week three, day 1 and will complete that today. If you are wanting to run, but don't know where to start? Then the couch to 5K is a perfect place. I know that the Droid has a similar app as well.
My other goal this week is to incorporate at least two days of Jillian workout videos. I have a love/hate relationship with her. I love that her videos are only 20 minutes and I love the fact that I have hard time sitting on the toilet. Okay that might have been too much information, but for those of you who have done her video, know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Now on the flip side I hate that it is hard..enough said! But who doesn't want to look like this

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little oragnization

I admit that on the surface my home looks organized. Mainly because I despise clutter! Hate it, don't want it around. Mainly if I can't see it, I'm good. However when I go into a certain cupboard or closet I might just cringe at what I see. So I am on a mission to organize each and every inch of my home this year. Things that are seen and unseen!

Yesterday as I was trying to find medicine I opened my cupboard to see this...

So I really attempted the organizing thing with this cupboard but as you can see, failed miserably.

So I found these awful, beat up, bread pans that I obviously couldn't use anymore. What was great about them though was that they are metal and the are the perfect size. Plus I had four of them.

Then I used my amazing cricket and made some matching tags to put on old magnets.

I tore the cover of the old magnet off and glued my new cutout on top. This way I could write what was inside.  Next I sorted my big bin of medicine into four categories. One for dosing cups ( you know those little cups on top of the medicine to measure your dosage) I didn't know they had a name other than "get one of those things for your medicine" The other three categories are first aid, vitamins and medicine.

I also keep my bills in an easy to grab but not out in the open organizer. So it got a pretty label too.

I keep the kids saving jars up there. We pay them an allowance each week and they must tithe and save 10% so this is where the savings goes. I used empty candle jars to put the money in. Then made a tag out of my Cricut.

Next I had the cases and decided to put glasses and flashlights in them. We use both a lot and now they are in arms reach to use them.

Now for the finale.....

I added an ice bucket to hold all of the batteries. I also used the extra space to display some pitchers that have broken over the years and are unusable but, still pretty. What I love most is how it coordinates and I did use one penny to do this project. I just used what I already had.

Here's a side by side...Before and After

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Entry way progress

I just LOVE Pinterest! With being a little obsessed, I have found so much inspiration for redoing my home. I love the idea of making things new. I always say I want to move, but in reality I think I just like change! Crazy because most people I think dread it. I remember as an early teenager I would rearrange my bedroom at least once a month. It felt like a brand new room. For some reason I have not done that in my home (hence the desired moving) So now I am on a mission to keep things fresh and new and at the lowest cost. I didn't have money back when I was rearranging as a child so I am sure I can pull it off as an adult with money!

 I have had the same wall decorations since we moved in two and a half years ago. I definitely was bored and a change was much needed. I am not completely finished but here is the progress.





You will have to excuse the picture angles. This is our front entry which is extremely narrow. Like I said, this is the beginning of the makeover. I took pictures that I already had and changed some frames around to create this collage. I love the one of my mother in law when she was a little girl....I can't believe how much my little Charlie looks like her. I also had some plates from Home Interiors from a long time ago that just collected dust. So I grabbed some liquid nails and put those babies up. Just a little advice...make sure they are completely dried before taking your hand away. One fell and about died, but I revived it. It was quite a task gluing the little pieces back together but worth it because two just didn't look the same. I brought the dresser in from my daughters room when she got a new one. I found the basket at Hobby Lobby so Noah and I went to our annual memorial day yard sales and found some older umbrellas to put in it.

To finish the hallway my goals are..
* to paint the dresser
* put new knobs on the dresser
* paint horizontal stripes
* get a rug
* put something on the opposite wall, not sure what yet

Hope you like it!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Week End Weigh In

Week End Weigh In!! So it has been another week of my journey for a healthy life! It has not been easy , but I am continuing this with determination and prayers! Lots and lots of prayers. My aunt was just sending me some pictures of us from over 10 years ago! I can't believe the change that has occurred! Well my desire is to be closer to where I used to be. Except with healthier food choices. This was when you ate whatever and gained nothing!

Funny I thought I would always look like this :)

I have stayed on the 1500 intake and added some exercising like I was shooting for. I began training for a 5K that I have been wanting to accomplish for about 2 years now. I am using the couch to 5K app on my iPhone. It helps you progress your running by doing intervals of walking and running for a course of 8 weeks. I do this every other day. I ran four days this week.
I did lose four more pounds and I am hopeful to lose more weight this week. My plan is to check in with you each Sunday to track this journey! I appreciate everyone's support and I truly hope by my honesty you too will be encouraged.

All stars

This past weekend Little T had her All Star games out in Palmdale. Noah was the assistant coach and we were ready for a great turn out. I am always super nervous those first few moments of the game when you just don't know how it will go. The first moments really set the tone of the entire game for me. You see how the other team is playing and how well our girls match up.
As the game started my nervousness quickly turned into joy. For many years we have always been somewhat the underdogs. We come from a very small town so small in fact that our soccer league consists of 4 cities in one. So when it comes to picking the All Stars we just have a smaller league to pick from especially compared to some of the other cities that we are up against. Some cities are so big that they are able to bring 2 separate teams to the games.
This year we felt as if it was our strongest yet. We played our first game Saturday winning 4-0! We got the highest amount of points we could get. I was proud. Maybe a little too proud. I came into Sunday very sure of our girls knowing that we could win!
Well we didn't We lost 3-1. We were all shocked just wondering how did that happen. Still bummed over it, but now we are looking ahead to our tournament season that is now underway. I pray for humbleness and joy throughout this season. I desire for soccer to be a fun thing for my daughter to enjoy. I desire for her to learn new skills and be an amazing example of God. It is not always easy to place God in worldly things, but we are trying each and every day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday was our first day back from our loooong Christmas Break. Amazing something like 25 days off! Over the break I was trying to come up with a way to stay at our current school CAVA but yet changing some things up to better fit our family. The kids get a list of work to do each day and we have been following their work that way. The problem that I was facing is that I was not able to be prepared for what they were doing each day because of all the different subjects. So a friend recommended block scheduling like some schools actually do. It sounded exciting and the change that I was looking for. So I began by mapping out the amount of assignments they have until the end of the year. Yep I said "the end of the year!" Lots of work let me tell you, but I knew that this was what needed to happen so that I could fulfill my role as teacher. I needed time to plan out what we can do per subject. Get a little creative with things but yet accomplish what the school and myself are wanting my children to learn.

So I needed something that would simply allow me to put their lesson plans down for them to see. Surprisingly I was having a hard time finding something that would work. Most planners are around $12 each and that's about $35 for planners?! No thanks. Then companies would sell them for $2 each but you had to buy a minimum of 100. Mainly for public schools I suppose. I then went to the dollar store that was recommended by my mil, thanks Jen ;) Yes they had exactly what I looking for and at a whopping $3, that was definitely in my budget!

                          Not the cutest thing but I can cover it with some pretty scrapbooking paper!

This is what the inside looks like

Schedule: Monday/ Fridays: Math  History Sign Language
Tuesday/ Thursdays: Science Language Arts
Wednesday: Art Sign Language and Cooking, Craft, or Field Trip Day
Fridays: Little T/ Typing Scooby and Charlie/ Guitar

With our new schedule I have implemented a few new things that I have been wanting to teach my kids. One is sign language. I have a deaf brother and I learned sign language at a young age. I never fully became fluent but I know a lot. I started to teach the kids when they were babies but really only got to no, yes, and mom before I stopped. We will be doing a signing class three days a week and I hope to make them fluent in the next few years.

Second we are doing a music class for Scooby and Charlie that is on Fridays. Noah will be teaching them along with himself. Hehe. He has had this desire to learn so for Christmas I bought him a guitar and he now wants to teach the kids. Who says you have to spend lots of money on lessons! We also might have a high schooler come over who has a passion for playing the guitar to come over and teach. His mom offered his services saying "he would love to teach them" so we will see.

Little T will begin a typing class that is online. I want my kids to grow up learning things that I didn't learn because right now as I type this I am chicken pecking...yep chicken pecking. Fast I might add, but still chicken pecking.

I can't wait for even more things to open up to teach my children. Next year I am planning on doing Trip USA. Which will take us through the entire United States. Teaching them state facts, famous people who came from that state and even favorite foods. My hope is to even visit some new states with them for "our schooling." Well a fun vacation is always fun whether it's for school or not. Maybe a right off? Okay I am getting ahead of myself right. Just excited, that's all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My weight loss journey

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my 2012 goals? Well I wanted to stay current with one of those goals. What better accountability for my weight loss journey than all of you reading this. So if there comes a day when you haven't read up on my healthy choices than feel free to ask about it. Because I know if I am not posting its because I have let food over take me once again! Wow I feel like maybe I should delete, delete, delete! But I can't! I really want nothing more than to become a healthy role model for my children. That in itself gives me strength to go on each day. Having you as my accountability partners definitely ups the anti!!
So yesterday was my 21 first day of eating healthy and staying at my 1500 calories a day mark. I have been told that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so that is why I am so happy to see that 21st first day. More Hope.  I have to admit the first two weeks were great. I felt amazing and never had the desire to eat more than my 1500 calories. Then week three hit! You know for us ladies there is just that week that ALL food looks amazing and your body has this uncontrollable desire to eat everything chocolate?! Well that was me last week. I still never went over my calorie allowance for the day, however I found myself eating extra chocolate that I didn't need to eat. My weight did not drop. I actually gained one pound back! AH FRUSTRATION!! However the words of my son and now of God telling me that I can do all things through Him that strengthens me, helped me each day to make that decision to eat healthy and continue on.
So as of right now I feel so amazing to have gotten through that rough patch. The main reason being is that I am actually desiring to eat healthy!  I love vegetables. I cook them in almost everything. I liked them before but they were not priority. I have even noticed that my kids are eating them more. I have been open and honest with them about being healthy and taking care of the bodies that God entrusted us with. We still struggle to get out of those bad habits, like wanting something quick for lunch. Boxed food or quick snacks. I have been cooking and baking snacks and almost all of our food. We have never really been big fast food eaters, however now when we are making that choice, we will grab subway. Well we did the one time we went out for fast food. haha.
I am not posting any pictures yet, because I am only down 9 pounds. I will try to update once a week in hopes to encourage some of you. I have also started working out. That is something I have not done since the kids started homeschooling. So last week two workouts in and this week hopefully more! I will be in touch.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

giving grace

Reading something today triggered an aha moment for me. I was caught off guard by a statement that made me truly look at myself and my walk with the Lord. I felt a little judged by the comment and yet lately I have felt the need to share with others about my opinion about their choices and forgetting that they too are on their own journey's with the Lord. Okay so I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all, as believers, on this journey of honoring and loving God. We want to do our best in what life he has given us. Some are called at different times to do different things. You can get this overwhelming feeling that whatever it is that God has called for you is what God has called everyone to do but yet, "why are you the only one doing it." I have placed judgement on others because of this exact feeling. Growing up I grew away from God because of people like me. Judgemental, self righteous, and having this "better than" attitude! What has happened that has made me feel like I can place judgement on others?! I have turned into what I once hated! Seeing this quote made me feel bad about myself, yet I know that God has called me to be right here where I am. He has showed me to be patient for what He is doing. All the while continue to grow closer to him by doing the things that are placed right in front of me, and I am okay with that. But how is it that I can't accept others and their walk with God. I am quick to judge. Now most of the time I keep this judgement between me and the Lord and yes sometimes Noah, and oh yes sometimes a close girlfriend ( either way considered gossip...repent!)....but yesterday I went straight to the person that I felt was choosing a life away from God. I sank my teeth into them and truly hurt them because I thought that I had a right! Wow. What a double standard. I get upset for others placing judgement on me yet here I am doing the same thing.
I have learned that God loves you. He wants you to grow and change into what He wants you to. I however need to only look at one person's decisions...MINE! I feel terrible and yet grateful at the same time of what God has revealed to me. Remembering to always look at myself and my choices in life. Will those choices burn to the ground when judgement day comes or will they withstand God's approval of what He says is good. We are all on our own journeys with the Lord. As believers our walks look differently from one another. God places desires or convictions on your heart in order for you to see what He wants from you. It is hard living in this world that is full of sin. It is crazy how you can feel so right about something then get slammed down to this layer of scum that is on the ground and that you are now apart of. Yep eating humble pie!
We are sinful creations that have been given grace because of Jesus' death on the cross. What an amazing gift! I will seek to love others right where they are!!

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.
Colossians 3:12-14

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

last weeks project

Sometimes I will get this idea to change some things around or start a new project and that usually happens because someone is coming to stay and I want to impress. That usually gives me a small time frame to get the projects done before our guests arrive! Last week I started two things. The kids bathroom and Scooby's room/toybox. Sadly I can only show the redo of the bathroom because the pictures of Scooby's room have his name in them. So until I learn how to white it out, I will have to wait to show you. 

For two and a half years the kids shower has had a hole in it. Embarrassing that we waiting so long to get it fixed. To be honest, Noah and I just never see it so it was forgotten about. That was until our guests were going to be using that bathroom when they stayed. So with the help of my father in law it was fixed. I painted and put up a new shower curtain and also some fun paneling. Here are some pictures.

Here is the before. I loved this bathroom collection from Target. It is not always easy to find a unisex bathroom set. So when I saw this 5 years ago, it was perfect. Now that the kids are getting older I wanted to change it up a little and not have it be so "kiddish."

                                                      See the hole around the shower head

                                                                Here it is all cleared out.

 So here it is. I Noah put bead board up on the wall and some molding. I am still looking for the right hooks to add. I want to add the hooks to hold steel buckets that will hold some bathroom necessities. I added the shower curtain which used to be Little T's curtain's in her room that we just recently redid. I still want to add more bead board to the wall behind the door as well as paint or stain the cabinetry. Maybe even add molding around the mirror to take away the ugliness of these standard bathroom mirrors. So far I am really happy with it. Best part is that we spent only $24! I reused things we already had. The paint was Prism White that the rest of the house was painted in. I repainted the towel rack black to give it a more modern and sophisticated look. I can't wait to finish this up in the next couple of monthsand show you a completed bathroom.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New years goals

For many years I quietly make News Years resolutions to myself and maybe my other half but for the most part, I'm not a huge fan! Mainly because I hate saying things and then two three months later I can't even remember what I even said! Yep that's me. It happens much more now that I am aging!!
Anyhow. This year I thought I would not only share with you what resolutions I have but also call them goals! I like that word much better!
I have been Thinking about what to write for a few days obviously because it is six days after the actual new year. I wanted to make sure that my goals were not just thrown out there from a quick thought.
I always want to change almost everything but again I want to really strive to accomplish the goals and put my heart into each one.

• First is my relationship with the Lord. Now this is always on the list simply because I always want to walk closer to my lord. I want to hear Him, feel Him and see Him working in my life.
• second is my fam bam!! I want my husband to know that hands down next to God, he is my priority. I want him to feel important with the things I do for him. His love language is time and mine is gifts so we kind of clash! I will however make a huge effort towards growing our relationship even closer.
Along with my hubby is my relationship with my children. I saw this great sign

Doesn't that say so much?! My main focus in this life is to raise Godly children. Not just children who say "Yes I believe in God." But children who grow up and follow God with every ounce of their being. All decisions are made with one prayer...what is your will Lord. I desire for them to not strive to make an amazing amount of money, I don't desire them to follow a dream that only they have, I don't desire them to just fit in with the rest of the world. I desire them to become lights that are so bright that everyone knows, it is God shining!
• focus on the kids schooling. Be apart of as much of their learning as I can. It is sometimes difficult with having three in different grades, but I am going to give it my all.
• to get healthy. Now I know I know everyone says it! And yes I have at least 10+ years now since I have been setting this goal! This is my biggest hurdle. Not sure why but I have had some situations happen that I believe will help me make it over this hurdle once and for all.
I can't believe I am sharing this but here it goes. Christmas day I was playing dance party 3 with my six year old son and I was winning. Oh yeah! I was feeling good about myself, let me tell you!! Then my feelings came down like a crashing plane! My son turns around and looks at me to say "how are you winning, you are fat." oh man that one went right to my heart strings. I know I have gained a lot of weight since having children and to be honest I never thought my kids looked at me like I was fat. Can you say "DENIAL!". Right there I made a decision that I wasn't waiting till the new year to start " dieting" I was starting then. A new healthy lifestyle. I didn't have my one last goodie to end my days of eating terribly, I just started! I have also noticed my kids eating poorly. Two are super picky and only like sweet stuff while my other always asks for seconds. Both ways I have been a terrible role model for them and God truly opened my eyes to what he wanted changed!
I am happy to say that I have this overwhelming feeling of eating healthy. Nothing like I have ever had before. I will continue to lift this struggle up to the Lord like anything else I struggle with. Of you who are wondering what happened to Scooby after his comment, well I cried, pulled myself together then patiently explained that words like that hurt people's feelings. He knew how bad it hurt me and he cried with me. I'm all good now and I have some amazing inspiration when I want to cookies... I just remember those words and realize what kind of role model do I want to be for my kids.
• last my husband and I have been doing some DIY projects. This year our my goal is to redo our kitchen and get our backyard finished. I just ask him to make them his goals too!

I hope you have made some goals for yourselves and maybe your family. It's always good to grow and stretch and if you aren't setting a bar for yourself, then there is nothing to stretch to. Happy New Years!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping the main thing the main thing

This past week I have been doing projects around our home like crazy. I have been thinking about starting a new blog dedicated to all things diy. Now before you get excited like me share a few things. I began this blog for a few reasons.

~ To document our lives because I have not scrap booked for about three years and my children's memories are getting lost in the mounds of pictures that I have taken.
~ To connect with a world like me. A stay at home mom who homeschools and loves to be inspired
~ Most importantly to be honest and transparent by sharing what God is doing in our lives!

I want to elaborate on that last one today. I have found myself drooling over some amazing blogs out there that have one set thing to share...decorating, homeschooling, all about God and so on. I formed this blog to be about all three and more. I find that there is this illusion of perfectness with these blogs that I am reading (and love.) Then I read this amazing blog that shared with me about being true and honest and not being a stumbling block to others. In other words, not making others feel inadequate about themselves. God showed me right then and there that I need to stay focused on the main thing and that is Him. Oh and my husband gave me his two cents..."No you shouldn't." That really didn't convict me, just made me see him as a dream popper as I like to call him...Love ya babe!

Yes I have a passion for making this house our home and want to share it with others, but why can't I do that on here? Well I can and I will! For now anyways.

I have some changes coming up in our homeschool curriculum and I need to focus on that. I am excited to share with you what I will be doing so stay tuned! My kitchen redo will just have to wait.

Bottom line is that I never want anyone to look at me or our family as perfect in any way, just striving to stay connected to God in everything we do in this crazy messed up world we live in. It was good to be reminded of that.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rose Parade

We were so blessed today by some amazing people. A few months back, Noah was asked to help a family in need and they in return asked our family to attend the annual Rose Parade. Ah! I am still shocked that we got to go. For many years I have longed to sit on the curb of downtown Pasadena while the parade passed by. I have always heard that it is so hard to go because you have to camp out for days and well with kids that was just not happening for this family. So when this opportunity came about, you can say I was just a little over the top with excitement!

We headed down early in the morning and found our way to a spot that had been saved by an amazing family since the middle of October! It was a beautiful 86 degrees and we had a blast!

Warning...lots of photos to follow!

                                                                         Our Family
                                                                         My friend Jen
                                                         My mother in law also got to come.
                                                             Our friends Jen and Orlando
                                                                           It Begins!
                                                                         Kenny G.

                                                                     John Gidding from HGTV
                                                                     This is how close we were