Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hello again!

Well I believe it has been over 2 months since my last post. Many things have changed for me and my family, so I will start off by apologizing for just going M.I.A! I made the decision to take myself off face book and by doing that I really thought I cut off all my readers. Gratefully I have been getting feedback asking me to write! I love the support and would continue to love more support by sharing my blog with others.

I have been maintaining my 47 pound weight loss for two months now and love that I can enjoy some chocolate and not gain back what I lost. My original goal as you know was to lose 70 pounds but for right now I am loving where I am, I feel amazing in my size 10 jeans and want to continue in my healthy lifestyle! I will hopefully be able to share some more of my new adventures of working out....aka crossfit. But that will come later.

We are also starting our homeschool adventure back up in the fall, but this time I will be doing all on my own. Meaning that I will not have any guide, or money, or accountability! This will all come from us. I am excited and scared all the same time. Knowing that again God is guiding me to this, I have nothing else to hold onto except His guidance and hope!

I hope to continue to write on a regular basis, but be patient with me as my family is complete center stage in this momma's life!

Have a blessed day!