Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 17

Today I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve!

I have four women in my life that I would like to say Thank you to!

The first is my mother in law Terry! She takes time each every Monday to come and sit with my children while Noah and I head on over to our small group. She also comes here Thursdays to watch the kids so that I may continue my women's bible study. She comes to watch them, play with them, teach them, makes meals and sometimes even cleans up my home! I appreciate the time that she dedicates to being apart of her grand children's lives!

The second being my friend Jen. She is one of the most kind hearted, Jesus loving women I know. She happens to be  the teacher of my two youngest chitlings. (You may be thinking that I home school, yes but we are blessed to go to an online home school that comes with virtual teachers.) She is a  blessing to me by watching my children once a month so that I may again continue going to my women's bible study and to give my MIL a little bit of a break! She drives pretty far and stays fro about four hours to teach them. She is not required to do this, she just does it with love! I have enjoyed our friendship so much and I am so thankful to call her a friend!

The third is my sister in law Hannah. She too helps us watch the kids every Wednesday night so that Noah and I can go minister to the teenagers at our church. She plays with them and really enjoys being an auntie to them. I love how much she cares for them and is willing to watch them anytime we ask. She also blesses us with some Starbucks coffee...mmmm!

Last but not least is a wonderful woman that I met just a few short months ago, Chrystal. She is a lady who was placed at my bible study table this year. I have also had the privilege of spending time with her son, because he is one of the high schoolers that Noah and I minister to on Wednesdays. Having her at our table has been such a blessing. She is a momma of four and stays at home to care for them. She is an amazing baker who brings cookies to not only our bible study but I get a second dose on Wednesdays...can I say mmmm again! Last week I mentioned that I would love to have a cricut and I could organize and make wonderful things if I had one. Well today she showed up with one and GAVE it to me! What?!!!! I was so shocked and feeling so not deserving of this wonderful gift that she was giving me.Well I got home and realized that it was a newer version the cricut expression 2! She has made my day much brighter!

Isn't she pretty!!!

Words can't describe how blessed I feel for having so many wonderful women in my life! God is amazing for bringing them all to me and allowing them to make me a little better! Love you all!!

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