Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 27

We are coming in for the home stretch of our 30 days of Giving Thanks! This month has certainly flown by, but  trying to soak in every moment. As you get older your moments go by faster.

Today I am grateful for coupons. Now yes I got really excited about the show Extreme Couponing and thought, "I better give that a try." However I am a little bit of a veteran to the whole coupon shopping. When Noah and I had Little T we lived in an apartment right across the street from a Ralphs. Now you don't or I should say, shouldn't shop there unless you use coupons because of how expensive it is. This was almost 11 years ago and back then they not only doubled coupons, but took expired coupons and maybe even competitor coupons. It was way easier to shop with coupons back before the reality shows came about! I easily would cut our grocery bill about $250 each trip.

I decided about a year ago after quitting my job, that I needed to do something to help our family financially. That is when I put coupons back into my vocabulary. I subscribed to two separate papers to be delivered only on Sundays. Now when you call to ask about price. Remind them that they can deliver at only $22 a year or less. If you don't, they will try and charge you about $170!! I have tried the binder and though it is easier to use at the stores, I was struggling to do all the work that I needed to prepare for it. I have really started doing most of my shopping at Costco and then I'll get a few things at Target. Occasionally I will head over to CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens depending on their deals for that week. I am certainly not a crazy coupon lady...just trying to save a few bucks!

Today I headed over to Walgreens and got some goodies that I wanted to share with you. Now this by far was not my greatest trip but I did get some pretty good deals.

Cereal is a pet peeve for me. I refuse to pay more than $2.00 a box. The lowest price I ever paid was .50 a box! Now that is a good deal. These boxes were $1.50 each

These babies cost me ONLY $1 EACH!

Now I love to stock up on hair and body products. I hate to run out of body wash or conditioner. That makes you scramble for something comparable while you are showing. Let's face it, I don't want to smell like a man because I had to use my husbands axe body wash! Second these things are super expensive, so when I can get them on sale, I will grab many. Plus it is always nice to have extra so that you can pass some along when someone is taking donations for a woman's shelter or something. I loved that I got to give our adopted family for Christmas nicer shampoo rather than the dollar store shampoo.

This was my entire purchase for today.
Total spent $53.41
Total saved $82.18

Please forgive the pictures. My camera broke and these are taken with my phone.

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