Sunday, October 30, 2011

Acting out in faith

I have looked at missions in two ways. The one where you sell everything and move to a foreign country to teach people the word of God. Then there is the other style of being a missionary which is being on point with your OIKOS. Now many of my church friends know exactly what that is. The 8-15 people that God places in your sphere of influence. You do life with these people. These are two really great ways to share God with people. One you don't generally know the people with whom you are sharing and the other you do know them all. Sometimes pretty well. I have been struggling with my comfortableness in the way I was missioning to others. I have had the joy of being a part of Christian high schoolers from our church for over a year now. I get to enjoy Wednesday night bible study, Saturday Fuel services and I even got to join them at Hume Lake in the beautiful Sequoias. Being able to share God and teach them values and truth has been somewhat easy. They have the foundation of God that has been set by either a parent, friend, or pastor for them, and I get to help make that relationship with Christ deeper.
A little while ago I told you about our neighborhood shooting and how my husband and I felt God's pull on us to do more. Today was my first day experiencing what I feel as a different type of mission. I got my feet wet by walking door to door on my block to personally invite my neighbors to church. Tell them a little about our high school program and church services. I am not gonna lie....I was scared. I see these people a lot and the fear of rejection gets to me a little bit. I really only have a relationship with one person on my street so we started there. Wouldn't you know...she wasn't home! Okay so on to the next house. They didn't answer. Then the next either! Okay it is Sunday, they must all be at church, Right?! Well maybe. Our next neighbor was outside, um with his pit bull and two other dogs. haha. I stood back while Noah walked up carefully and calmly. Ah He was on the phone. We kept going, trying not to get discouraged and then finally someone opened their home. 7 houses in all opened their doors to talk with us. Even if only for a moment, we knew we could share just a glimpse into our church programs. We even had one mom say that she is new in the area and her son only sits around the house because he doesn't know anyone. He was even offered drugs at school and she has been concerned in finding somewhere for him to get plugged in. Wow! I know we have to start somewhere and this was the little bit of hope we were looking for.
We had two of our high school students come with us today to make us look a little more inviting and to also press on their hearts that they can do it in their neighborhoods too. Little by little we are going to make our way around here and we can not wait to see where God takes it. It wasn't that hard and really took no time at all. These kids need someone to reach out to them and I know I didn't want it to be me at first. I didn't feel competent and was nervous about the idea of sharing God with the "bad kids." Now I can't wait for the relationships that are going to come out of this.
Below is a video that makes me put into what I really do for Jesus into perspective and I hope it does the same for you.


  1. I love this! The idea of Brandon and I going out to our neighborhoods has been on my mind all day:) God is doing some amazing work

  2. This is world change. It begins in our own neighborhood; sometimes literally. Bravo.

    "I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?" ~Mother Teresa