Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hello again!

Well I believe it has been over 2 months since my last post. Many things have changed for me and my family, so I will start off by apologizing for just going M.I.A! I made the decision to take myself off face book and by doing that I really thought I cut off all my readers. Gratefully I have been getting feedback asking me to write! I love the support and would continue to love more support by sharing my blog with others.

I have been maintaining my 47 pound weight loss for two months now and love that I can enjoy some chocolate and not gain back what I lost. My original goal as you know was to lose 70 pounds but for right now I am loving where I am, I feel amazing in my size 10 jeans and want to continue in my healthy lifestyle! I will hopefully be able to share some more of my new adventures of working out....aka crossfit. But that will come later.

We are also starting our homeschool adventure back up in the fall, but this time I will be doing all on my own. Meaning that I will not have any guide, or money, or accountability! This will all come from us. I am excited and scared all the same time. Knowing that again God is guiding me to this, I have nothing else to hold onto except His guidance and hope!

I hope to continue to write on a regular basis, but be patient with me as my family is complete center stage in this momma's life!

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

week end weigh in

This has been one of the most emotional weeks I have had in my weight loss thus far! As you know, We had our final weigh in this past Monday night for our Biggest Loser Challenge. Let me back up to two weeks ago. I started off by cutting my calories to 1200 a day and attempting to burn 3000 calories a day. Well some days I hit that goal and some I didn't. I never ate over my intake but didn't always hit 3000. Some days I did and when I didn't I was right around 2800! That consisted of running almost everyday as well as an hour of weight lifting/workout video. My 1200 calorie intake was nothing but great food for me....that meant absolutely NO sweets, NOTHING greasy, REALLY I FELT LIKE I COULD EAT BARELY....ANYTHING! haha!! Sunday before the weigh in I went for a run and I was anticipating running 6 miles and as I was running I felt so good and determined that I went for 10 miles! I finished  9.3 all because of a nasty blister that started appearing on my foot in my last two miles. I felt a huge accomplishment even with the 9.3 and can't wait to add to that distance. So with all this said.....Monday came and the results.....


 I did end up losing 13 pounds in two weeks!

I have to admit I cried....selfishly my feelings were crushed. I thought for sure I was going to win first place. I know I know...."I should be grateful for second" yes I am HOWEVER....I REEEEAAAAALLLLYYYY wanted to win!!! I am truly one of the most competitive people out there, which some of you know!

So this post needed to come today and not Monday, because it would have said a lot of other things. I have been able to move past my disappointment and remember I am still working on a goal. Even though that challenge is over, I still have a journey to complete. Today I weighed in at 160.6. Officially losing 46.4 pounds since December 26th. That of course has been after my "rewarding" Yes I ate a few too many cookies and a frappaccino in the last two days. Today is a new day and I will enjoy those things, but only in moderation.

Last week I told you that I won tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale?! It was so much fun!! What a wonderful experience that I got to have with Noah. To top it off we got called to sit in the very front row! I got to see all my favorite past contestants...Olivia, Hannah, Courtney, and even Sam and Stephanie, who met on the show and are now married! It was so neat. I asked Mark and Buddy why they left the show and they said they aren't allowed to talk about it yet, but I can't wait to hear! They were so nice and I could tell there were absolutely no hard feelings for either of them!

I have actually reevaluated my goals and I want to lose 14.4 more pounds to hit 145. I am very happy with what my body looks like now and I know those last 15 will be just toning up my body. I hope to get into a size 7 jeans...which I have no idea what size I am now because I have yet to go shopping. Lots of dresses for now :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend weigh in

WOW! What a week in my weight loss journey! 9 weeks ago I started a "Biggest Loser" group to try and get encouragement from other ladies that too wanted to lose some weight. Oh yeah and I wanted to try and win some money for losing this weight. I figured I am only doing this once, so I better make it good! We have only one week left and there is some pretty heavy competition, that's for sure. So this week I knew that I needed to step up my game, if I wanted a chance at winning our $400 grand prize.

At the beginning of the week I read on Jillian Michaels facebook that "if you are a woman trying to lose weight, you should eat only 1200 calories a day." Everywhere you look there are different amounts that are suggested to you, and since I began losing weight I have just followed the recommended amount that myfitnesspal suggested. So I dropped my calories from 1350 to 1200. It actually wasn't too hard, just one less snack a day really. Then I upped my workout intensity. I took the advice of a friend and began using more weights. I am not a huge fan of just standing around in a gym lifting free weights and counting reps. So I started using the P90X CD's. They are really good. The guy is a goof ball, but you can turn him down ;) My goal was to hit 3000 calories burned each day. Even though I only hit it a few times, it definitely pushed me to do better each day.

So what's my result? I lost exactly 7 pounds! I am so excited. I really feel like an actual contestant on the Biggest Loser show! They lose big numbers a lot and I always think, "How do they do that?" Well I realized there can be no cheating! Even with eating the right amount of calories, it needs to be the right kind of food. Some healthy snacks that I prefer are apples, carrots, dry almonds, lowfat cottage cheese, kiwi's, and sometimes nature valley bars.

Speaking of the Biggest Loser game show.....guess who got tickets to see the LIVE FINALE????? Oh ya ME! I was overjoyed when I got the email. I applied for them and got em! Look for me on t.v tonight...haha. I will have a darker fuscia dress on. I follow a lot of the past ladies on Instagram and they have been a huge inspiration to me and to think I might get to thank them?!

I can't forget the biggest milestone I hit this past week. I finally lost 40 lbs.! Oh ya I was stoked. It took me 4 months to do so and that averages to about 10 lbs per month. That meant I got new shoes.... I had my eye on a pair of Nikes that were on sale at Kohls. I went to try them on and was super disappointed because of the way they fit. The were really wide at the top part of my foot and knew that would annoy me. So I started looking at their Asics because that was my second choice.  I knew I wanted to get them from Kohls because Kohls will take back used shoes. I didn't want to spend money on shoes and get stuck with them if I didn't like them. Kohls also has tons of coupons. My shoes were usually $75 and they were on sale for $55 then I had a $10 off coupon and a 20 0r 30% off as well. So I paid $39 with tax. I am always on a mission for a great deal, and that to me was a great deal!

So I currently stand at 163.2. My goal is huge this week and I am not sure if I will hit it, but I am going to try....10 pounds here I come!

Monday, April 23, 2012

week end weigh in

This week I must have hit a place my in weight loss journey that has got me recognized. I have had the sweetest compliments from friends about how good I am looking. As much as the words make me feel good, it also reminds me to be humble. I love feeling good and looking good because I am losing weight, but I want to make sure that I focus on the reason I started this journey in the first place. That is to be a good role model to my children and to be VERY frank!! To still wipe my own bottom at the age 80! Haha TMI...I know, but I am serious!

I continue to pray that God keeps me grounded reminding me that when you are smaller in body statue, that can lead to smaller clothes, and with that inappropriateness. I am first and foremost a daughter of God and second a wife to an amazing husband. Both to which I need to respect and that happens by respecting myself with what I wear and how I present myself in public. Women's bodies can be very powerful in this sin driven world and I don't ever want to contribute to that!

With that said, this week has been a bit challenging but yet successful. I started keeping a journal just to allow me to really see the work I am putting in. I am down to 170.2 this week allowing me to lose another 3.6 pounds! I have only 3.2 pounds left to lose to hit 40 pounds! I am so excited but man it feels like I have been hovering around 40 for like 4 weeks! I can't wait though.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend weigh in

One word.....Vacation! It is amazing to me how much our lives revolve around food and family, food and fun, food and vacations! We just got back from a wonderful trip to Arizona to see Noah's brothers and their families. As much as I planned my food before we went, it was inevitable that I was going to fall short of my calories in and calories out. Fortunately my amazing sister in law help me prepare by getting me a pass to her gym. I do not use a gym nor have I been to one in over a year...and that was just once! I used to belong to a local gym but found that I was wasting a lot of money because I would just eat right through my workouts.
So more schedule went a little like this.....
Thursday morning before we left, I did a Jillian workout, then Friday we headed to the gym for an hour long spin class. Biked 20 miles! Then I ran on the treadmill for a mile and did a few run downs.

That night we enjoyed my favorite...Mexican Food! So I talked Noah and his brother Ryan into going for a run. I think we did right around 2.5 miles. Then Saturday came and I didn't get in a workout except the 2 mile walk to get frozen yogurt! mmm!  Sunday we walked around while watching Ryan and his mother in law Trisha complete a triathlon. That was so neat. I have never been to anything like that before and I had to hold myself back from jumping in the water with them. I found something I want to do....that's for sure! They gave me so much inspiration to do something like that. I am looking for a biathlon to start and then hopefully move onto a tri by adding the biking. I want to make sure that I enjoy it before I spend the money to buy a bike. Okay that's what Noah wants me to know I would just buy the bike if it were up to me!

So back to my schedule. We again ate some yummy Mexican food before we hit the road to see Noah's grandpa, who was 3 hours away. Once we got settled in I went for a three mile run. I was feeling so crummy from the food that I had put into my body. It was not all terrible but just the Mexican food alone was enough for me to be uncomfortable. Sad because it is my favorite!

Needless to say we had a wonderful time and I came home 3 pounds heavier. I do think it had a lot to do with all the driving and being away from home. Today when I woke up I was back down to my pre vacation weight.
I am stepping it up even more to finish out our last three weeks of this competition. I REALLY want to win! I need to eat the same but burn 3000 calories a day to lose 5 pounds per week for a total of 15 more pounds of weight before our final weigh in! I am determined!

Here are some pictures of my family at the triathlon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend weigh in

I have been extremely busy, stressed out, and you know "moody" all over the place this week! Yep it has just been one of those weeks! However with eating whatever I wanted yesterday for Easter... Of course with a little portion control, I still managed to lose 1.4 pounds this week. Now it is all excuses why I didn't hit my 3 pound goal, but I am just saying goodbye to last week and taking the 1 pound weight loss joyfully! Focusing on today!

I am kicking things into high gear because I only have four weeks left of my biggest loser challenge and I really want to win this baby! I keep telling myself "calories in, calories out!" it really is that simple!

I did accomplish running 6 miles today! It felt amazing, until I hit the last mile. My body started to go numb in weird places. One of my middle toes, and arch of my foot. Then my hip felt like a Barbie doll hip, like it was going to be snapped out of the socket because A mean little kid that was ripping it out... Haha nope no little kid! Just me trying to finish the goal I gave to myself the night before. I ran it in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I am at 171.8 and I only need to lose another 4.8 pounds to get those running shoes and man there are way too many choices. That is for sure! I did hear about a nearby store that guarantees all of their shoes for a whole year though. So if I run with them and decide I don't like them, then I can exchange for a different pair.

My goal will be to tell you that I have accomplished losing 40 pounds next week. Five pounds... I can do five pounds! Oh wait I'm going on vacation! Ah well this is a lifestyle now so I gotta make it work!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New adventure

A few weeks ago I was asked to write on a fabulous blog called Coffee with Christ. It consists of 7 ladies, all in different walks of life. Each lady has a day that they get to share what God has placed on their hearts. I am so excited yet nervous to begin something like this. As you know I have a passion for teenage girls and even though these are women writing, the majority of the readers are 18-25. This opportunity gives me the chance to share more about purity and courting through God's eyes. I will be sharing on here what I write over there each week, however feel free to come by and check out the much more talented group of writers though. It's at!

Here was my first post

"Hi Ladies,
   I am so excited to be joining this amazing cast of ladies who I have been inspired by in my walk with God. I am the momma of the group...yes quite literally! I am not only a momma to three beautiful children but I am also pushing 30 this year! Funny I thought 30 was old, but now that I am almost there...I have realized I am not shrivelling up and dying. Phew!
  I would love for you to head over to the Testimonies page and read more about myself and my family.

   I am always excited about what God is doing in my life. Even if it's hard, I tried to be excited. It just means He is still chiseling away and making me more like Him. Today I wanted to share something that has been somewhat of a trial for me the last year and I have yet to write about it on my personal blog, not really knowing how to share without maybe hurting someone. I can be vague on here and hopefully encourage anyone who may be or have gone through a similar situation.

   I will just start by saying that God's command "that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12 Is not always easy to live out. I find it extremely easy to love the ones that love me, right?! It is another story when someone doesn't love you, or better yet refusing to be apart of your life. I have some family members that have chosen to not be in my life because of a choice that we (my husband and I) made. Without going into detail we felt and still feel today that we made the best decision for all parties involved and it somewhat broke up our relationships. Some I expected, but others have put me into complete shock and heart break. So as far as love goes, it seems easier to continue to love those who love me and move on. EXCEPT God says in Matthew 5 verse 46-47 "For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?"
   As Christians that means we are Christ followers. Following Christ means that we must act and live out lives that reflect obedience in Him. How can we stand apart from the world when we conform to it by acting just like it?
   I have learned that even though it may be hard or at times painful, I have to remember that God forgives all. I must be willing to forgive and have open arms waiting for them when they are ready to be apart of my life again, even if I have felt wronged. I teach my children all the time that God does not judge us on how others treat us, rather He judges us on how we react to the way they treat us. We must react in a loving way. Not tit for tat, eye for an eye. We must love like Christ loves! We must answer to the Lord for decisions that we make, and that includes the way we treat people we don't like.
  Now I am not saying that you must beg and overwhelm them with messages to love you, I am simply saying that making sure they know that you are ready when they are. You love them and waiting to be a loving relationship with them, when they are ready.
It might also include having healthy boundaries up with people who continually hurt you. You might need to love then at a distance, but loving them period is the key!
I am so grateful that Gods love for me never fails. I am a complete mess and make bad decisions constantly. Where would I be without his love and forgiveness? If God can forgive me for all the millions of things I do, how can I not forgive someone for something they've done?!"

Hope you enjoyed... I will be writing every Sunday...hope to see you there!

Monday, April 2, 2012

week 14

What a wonderful week! I have absolutely fallen in love with running! I never thought I would say those words, but I have! I'm not sure if I've shared this before but last year I so desperately wanted to run... Be a runner! My shins were in so much pain that I had to stop running all together. Well I let my body heal and 9 months later tried again. Now I could have started before that I know, but it was the holidays and I was happy being unhealthy and eating whatever I wanted... Well not really, but you get the point!

I started again this past January and my shins no longer hurt and my body wanted it just as badly as my heart does. This past week I have past a milestone by running 4.5 miles. My friend Rachael helped me accomplish that goal. She too has lost a ton of weight by running. 63 pounds to be exact! Maybe I can get her on here to share some of her story?!

Today I ran another 4.3 miles averaging a pace of 8.37 minutes per mile. I am finding that I am running faster outside then when I run on the treadmill. I am actually not enjoying the treadmill at all, however I am grateful for it when we have those crazy days of wind that no one wants to go out in.

I have been running in a pair of Nike shoes that I have had for about 3 years. I have only used them for wearing, not exercising, until recently when I ran for the first time ( the second time ) and realized that they didn't hurt my shins, legs or anything. They have a ton of comfort. Well because they are 3 years old, they obviously are looking a little tore up and now that I am running more and more I would love to get some new shoes. Noah made a deal with me that he would buy me new shoes when I lose a total of 40 pounds! Well I am so close I can taste it!! I only have 7 more pounds to go. I have been researching shoes a lot and I am torn. I am open to any suggestions that you may have ;) I am partial to Nike. Most research that I have found confirms to me that they are the best running shoe for the best price. And because I have enjoyed my Nike's that I have now...I am a little superstitious about them.

I can't wait until this Friday to have our very first and maybe only Biggest Loser challenge. Stay tuned for pictures... I can't wait to share!

Monday, March 26, 2012

week 13

Sometimes it seems so easy, and sometimes it seems super hard! For some reason the beginning of the week seems so simple. I usually lose about 3 pounds between Sunday and Wednesday and then my body seems to like stop! Which, three pounds a week, well it's my goal. This week though for some reason I gained back two pounds. This week was a whopping 1.2 pounds lost, but hey I didn't gain.

I did change something up a little. Noah and I watch a great documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was great and I loved watching it. It geared Noah and I up for some juicing. Now when I used to think of juicing, I used to think Juice it up, or Jamba juice. Delicious and full of....sugar! Well this was a different type of juice. Any fruit and any vegetable juice. No sugar, no flavors, just raw veggies and fruit. We decided to try and juice for our dinners. So far we have done four nights and I actually enjoyed it. That is except for the onion, that was a bad idea.

After hitting up Costco and trying to get as much organic as I could we had a stocked fridge.

So here is to a better week!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scooby's room

A few weeks ago we did a little rearranging in Scooby's room so I wanted to share what it looks like.

So first I wanted to make over his toy box. My sister in law made this at Home Depot and had it painted with different shades of her hand print. Now as sweet as that is, I was usually finding the box being shifted from one closet to the next because the colors didn't match anywhere, and therefore not really utilized. So I started out with red, and it looked TERRIBLE! So then I primed it and and painted it white.

I had some wooden letters that I was able to paint and bring in the color red. Yes that is Scooby's name...I wasn't able to show you his room unless you saw this, and I thought it was too cute to keep to myself.

Then Noah added some hinges on the inside so the lid won't slam down. Mainly for the little fingers that visit our home once in awhile. We added some batting and then covered the lid with Scooby's baby blanket. That is my favorite part!! I think it adds so much character and sentimental value.

 So here is the whole room. Two beds fit nicely that we can use for guests and it gives him two options of sleeping quarters! You can't see it great, but the picture was actually given to us and it refers to your walk with God. I just love how the room turned out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

week 12

So I think today is week 12?! It doesn't seem like I started that long ago. So many things have changed for me though. I love that I almost never get that "stuffed" feeling after I eat. I never feel sick. Of course I say almost never because there was the night with the pazookie! haha I will never do that again! Did I mention I ate it at one in the morning?! YUCK!!

I did have this picture on one of Pinterest boards and it helped me stay focused even when I felt like nothing was changing.

I see myself everyday and so I don't always feel like I have changed that much. Many friends have started noticing and their compliments have made me feel great. Definitely praying for humility through those comments, but who doesn't love being told "you are melting!"

This past Friday my mom invited me to a chocolate boutique. Now my first reaction was chocolate? I can't be around chocolate! That is my weak spot. And it doesn't matter what form it comes in....cookie, candy,'s all AMAZING! I wanted to spend some time with her and my sister so I went making sure that day I had left some calories. Luckily they had coffee. So I filled up on a nonfat decaffeinated coffee. Then I had two pieces of sugar free chocolate and finally some plain strawberries and pineapple. Now before, I would have covered all that in the chocolate fountain like the rest of the ladies, but I was grateful I didn't. The only bad part was that the next day I was CRAVING MORE! Yep I can't believe how that stuff is addicting.

I have been running more and decided that I wanted to set a new goal for myself. I want to run 15 miles a week. Right now I am averaging eight, so I want to step it up a little. My fitbit tells me that I need to burn 2800 calories a day, and it seems like I fall short of that almost everyday. Running is a great way to burn more calories and if one day I want to run a half marathon then I need to step it up!

This week I lost another 3 pounds. I kind of feel like I have been able to keep up with these biggest loser contestants. I know some of the ladies lose around 5-7, but some lose 3 pounds a week and I think the last few weeks I have been doing that. Well actually it has been the last two....well anyway it is something haha!

I have been procrastinating on this but here is an updated picture of myself.

and here is a side by side...

                 week 6 vs. week 12

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

weekend weigh in

It has been a super busy week. So I apologize for not being able to post my weekly update yesterday. I Hope you didn't think I quit and started stuffing myself with oreos!! Even though that may sound good to have at least one, I am still chugging along! Something that I have come to realize is this is a lifestyle now. It is not temporary, it's forever! My body would probably still eat cookies, but mind is telling me something different. I am desiring to put healthy foods into my body! Now of course not every little thing is, but for the most part, I am making great choices. I am learning new things that I never really wanted to know. Like eating carbs after lunch is bad. My husband said "they stick to the inside of your body like glue." EWW! That is such a disgusting image to me, so I have been trying to make all of our complex carb meals for lunch instead of dinner. Rice, pasta, heavy breads..those kinds.

If you read my post on Friday about me and the hubster celebrating our anniversary, then you would know that he is AMAZING and got me the new fitbit. It is a very accurate pedometer that is super high tech. It not only monitors every step/stair I take, but it monitors my sleep habits. Tells me how many times I woke up in the middle of the night. How much sleep I actually got. It also is super small and just clips to the middle of my bra. I just have to walk close to my computer where the docking station is located and it will automatically upload my information to the computer. It tells me exactly how many calories I burned during the day and then I just log my food to show how much I ate. Brilliant. Noah did have to help me get started. I never understand all those informational guides. I just need it given to me simple and quick. Even then it might have to be repeated a few times...sorry babe!

So with this little gadget, I have now set some pretty high goals for myself. I want to lose three pounds every week. That will put me at my ultimate goal by June 25th. Now I know I may hit some plateaus but with the fitbit I know exactly what is going in and out, so therefor I should have a better chance of staying on track.
Each day I need to burn 2800 calories, and eat 1350.
I really should have the company send me a free one for how much I love and talk this thing up to people. Maybe I'll call them never hurts to ask! Haha.

Yesterday I weighed in at 181.2. That is 25.8 pounds lost!

I will hopefully have a picture for you next week. I haven't forgot about that fun little thing....{cough cough}

Our Biggest loser group is also going great. The first week I was the second to last in weight, but this week it made me step it up and I was in the top ten. These ladies are tough to beat. It makes me so happy though to have some friendly competition. I have the potential to win $400, so I keep imaging going to Ikea and buying my new counter tops with that money. Then I will have another great thing to share with you, so root for me, would ya?!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yesterday was a great day that I wanted to share with you all. Noah and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and 13 years together. Yep that's right we started dating and got married and don't forget got engaged all on the same day. Different years of course!

We met through a mutual friend while I was still in high school and he was one year out of high school. I really fell fast for him. Now that happens at that age a lot, I know. I was no different but our relationship was. We worked through some harder times in the beginning of our relationship and made it work. I am so grateful we did!
He is my best friend, the one I desire to talk to, share dreams to, confide in, trust and love! He is an amazing husband who loves me more than I deserve. He is a man that loves the Lord and guides our family to do so as well!
To celebrate the night we headed out for a night on the town with a couple of our friends! We went out to a burger place called Slaters. They are famous for their 50/05 burgers. 50% ground beef and 50% bacon. Now I know what you are thinking.... I did not enjoy what they are famous for, instead I enjoyed a southwest salad that was modified to fit my needs. We then headed over to a Gungor concert. I am new to the whole Gungor scene, however I am majorly impressed! I think I found a new favorite band!

(terrible picture...sorry)

You can't beat being with your love in a Room full of people worshipping the Lord! It doesn't get much better than that!

To top the night off we went to BJ's to get a Pazookie! Mmmmm! It was good but not worth the cheat!


The night was wonderful and we enjoyed it some of our great friends Sarah and Allen! Thanks for being our chauffeur for the night guys! We had a blast.

Today in the mail, I received a wonderful gift from my hubby. The fitbit!!! The pedometer/heart rate monitor that I posted about a few weeks ago...yep he's awesome!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend weigh in

I have officially hit 10 weeks! I began this journey determined in my mind that I was going to once and for all lose this weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Well I have had that determination before and have always given up. I can't explain how I feel different, but I just do. One example of how I know things are different is I had it in my mind that I was going to not count my calories for Friday night and enjoy a date night with my husband. Well when we went out to dinner I had the chance and I picked something healthy. I snagged some chili fries that were on the table and I only wanted a few bites. I was actually not craving any of them. I knew right then and there that something in my brain has clicked and I am finally getting it.

Last week I shared with you that I was starting a Biggest Loser challenge. Well here's the details!

We started a 10 week challenge with 26 ladies in our area that are looking to lose weight and get healthy. We call ourselves the High Desert Mom's Losing it! It was a $25 fee to join the group. Each week everyone will text me their weight and we will have a weekly winner based on the highest percentage of weight loss. The weekly winner gets $15 cash! At the end of the 10 weeks we will have a runner up who gets to take home $100 and a grand prize "LOSER" who takes home a whopping $400!!  I feel like that is some added motivation for me and hopefully for them!

My mother in law thought it was a great idea too and started her own team this week. We will be having friendly weigh in challenges to boast which team won the highest percentage of weight loss. My hubby is also putting together a couple of biggest loser style games for us to play throughout the competition.

I am so excited to meet some new ladies and hopefully encourage them to change their lives!

So as for me, this week has been great. I lost another 1.2 pounds since last week. I weighed in at 184.8 today. Slowly but surely I am losing this weight. I feel good and can't wait to get to my new goal of 136. I am not sure if I have shared a weight goal with you, but it might be different than the last time so there it is...136. Now I obviously have no idea if my body will go that low. I have never been that small. Active in high school I was 143. Plus that was before babies.

Another great thing that is happening is compliments. People who know I have been trying, but they have made me feel great this week. So thank you Lisa and Denette! That encourages me to keep going and reach my goals.

I went shopping for a pedometer as I told you last week and was so happy to use it. Day two I washed it! BUMMER! Well I dried it out in a bag of rice so now I have to grab a new battery and see if it still works. Maybe I should have gotten a watch type? Hmm...well maybe next time.

I am going to push myself to lose at least 3 pound this week. Yep I am blasting no extra goodies this week ;)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

simple starfish winner

Yesterday I recieved something very fun in my mailbox. A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest on one of my favorite blogs.

LAYLA over at THE LETTERED COTTAGE you can read her blog here:

Layla featured an amazing jewelry designer that offers something different. It is all customizable jewelry.  The company is called {simple starfish} and here is a little about what Christine, the designer, offers.

"{simple starfish} inspired by sun, sand and sea and the relaxed feeling of the beach.  Our goal is to create something unique and custom that you love!  Our beautiful, affordable personalized pieces of handmade, hand stamped jewelry are designs that you can wear each and every day while expressing your own unique personality.  We create one of a kind mommy necklaces so you can keep your little ones close to your heart.  But it's not just mommy necklaces or mothers necklaces, we also create grandma necklaces, aunt necklaces, sister necklaces, starfish jewelry and much much more."



I have been wanting to buy one for awhile now and just kept procrastinating. So when I saw that Layla was giving one away, I entered. I never in a million years thought I would win. She has like a ba zillion readers so I knew my chances were slim. A few days later I recieved an email from my friend Danielle all the way from Montana saying that she saw that I won the necklace. I was in shock, then freaked out, then couldn't find where it said I won, then was second guessing my friend...sorry Danielle, then found my name, then freaked out some more! WHOO HOO!! I love winning things. This was an amzing gift that I got to give to myself. So then Christine from {simple starfish} customized my winning necklace and sent it my way!


Isn't it great! I love it so much. So much of my jewelry is big flashy and sometimes a little obnoxious, which is the way I like it! But I was wanting something simple that I could wear with jeans and tshirt, yet I wanted it to make a statement. This necklace does just that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Let me start of by saying I'm sick. Not the throwing up that could actually help me lose weight, but the I'm achy all over and can still feed my appetite kind!

This week has been a very frustrating one to say the least. I have fluctuated my weight between a couple of pounds and as of this morning I weighed in at 186.2. It's a plus that I almost lost another pound when this week was over. Seeing the scale go up this week then having to lose what I already lost and then some, is the frustrating part!

I have been back at eating my normal 1500 calories a day and not calculating my workouts. So I am consuming around 1200 a day is my guess. I just ordered a pedometer to help me know a more exact number of calories that I am loosing each day. The Omron HJ-203 Pedometer with Activity Tracker from Amazon.

It was only $12.50 with free shipping. I got it in black which is the cheapest, but if you want to spend a little bit more you can get a pink, yellow, or purple one. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I want to try it out first. If I use it and see that I could benefit from a better one, then I will beg my hubby for this one that I have had my eye on.

This beauty is a brand new pedometer/heart rate monitor. The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker by Fitbit. This is also $99. So you can see why the husband said no (at first).

My week looked great despite the .8
of a pound weight loss.

Sunday~ ran my week 4 day 3 on the couch to 5K app
Monday~ Kettle Bell workout
Tuesday~ ran 2 miles
Wednesday~ Kettle Bell workout
Thursday~ No workout
Friday~ Ran week 5 day 1 on the couch to 5K app
Saturday~ Boot camp
Sunday~ Rested bc of sickness :(

I want to take good care of my body so I will take off a few days of working out. Maybe that will shock my body and loose maybe 2 pounds this week.

I also found an awesome dinner recipe that I tried last night and it delicious, so I wanted to share!

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped red onion
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons chili powder, divided
  • 1 bag (14 ounces) frozen corn kernels
  • 1 cup frozen mixed bell pepper strips
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro + 4 sprigs for garnish
  • 4 boneless, skinless salmon fillets (4 ounces), about 1" thick (I used Tilapia)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper


    1.Preheat the oven to 450ºF.
    2.Heat the oil over medium heat in a large ovenproof skillet or shallow stovetop-to-oven baking dish. Add the onion and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes.
    3.Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of the chili powder and stir to blend. Add the corn and bell pepper strips. Cook over medium heat, stirring, for about 3 minutes, or until the vegetables are no longer icy. Stir in the chopped cilantro. Spread the vegetables in an even layer.
    4.Sprinkle the remaining 1 teaspoon chili powder evenly on the fish. Place, chili side up, on the vegetables. Sprinkle with the salt and pepper.
    5. Place in the oven and roast for about 12 minutes, or until the fish is opaque. Serve each fillet on a bed of vegetables and garnish with a cilantro sprig.
    Click here to find out more! 
    It was very delicious and approved by Noah!

    Something new that is starting this week is a Biggest Loser contest between some friends. I am excited to get some support and hopefully win some money while I am losing weight. I figure I will NEVER gain this weight again, therefore never have an opportunity to be apart of a contest like this again. So why not join one. I couldn't find one that I could join so I started one. I will fill you in next week with more details.

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    A little idea for little money

    My daughter has an abundance of headbands and it seems that we lose one each week. They have been getting stepped on and broken mainly because she hasn't been putting them away, but also because she really didn't have space in the bathroom drawer anymore. I needed to come up with an idea to help her keep the organized. So I grabbed an empty oatmeal container.

    I grabbed some decorative scrapbook paper and glue to cover the container, and got this.

    It even makes a place to put hair brushes.

    The outcome. Super simple, but huge space saver.


    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Soccer has begun!

    This past weekend Little T officially started her soccer tournament season with one of the largest tournaments that we have ever attended. Noah is the assistant coach this year to her team and we are very excited to see how they do this year.

    Even my mom and my favorite little monkey came out to watch.

    Each child on the team has to sit out one tournament because of the number of girls on the team. We decided to have Little T sit first. We then got a call from the U14 coach asking if she could play for his team. What an honor! I try very hard to be humble. Sometimes it is just not in my personality....and this weekend was no different. I was a PROUD MOMMA!

    She just turned 12 and played this weekend with girls that are 13-14 some going on 15! She played her little heart out. I think she was a little intimidated at first, but then found the aggressive part of her that I know she has. They played her as a mid fielder for the first two games and sat her one quarter. Then the rest of the games she played center forward, all four quarters.

    This was the girls warming up.

    The coach asked if he could have her for the rest of the season, but with Noah coaching her actual team; we had to decline. It definitely pulls on my heartstrings though. I think most parents think their children are amazing at whatever activity they do. I am no different. I think she has a natural talent for playing soccer. Will she continue to do it in life? Not sure. For now I am enjoying the moment of watching her shine.

    GAME STATS: 0-0

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Week End Weigh In

    I feel so out of the loop. Well only when it pertains to the blogging/facebook world! I have taken a break from logging on everyday and reading through some of my favorite blogs and I took facebook off of my phone so I wouldn't check I don't know....30 times a day. I know, a huge addiction that was taking over my life. So instead this past week I spent a lot of time doing something I never thought I would actually fall in love with. Hopefully knowing that this is my weekly check in with my favorite blog reading friends, you would know it has to pertain to losing weight. EXERCISING! Yep I said it. I will exercise, but fall in love with it?! NAH! That was not my thing. That seemed to only be for healthy, fit women. Not me.  My girlfriend even said to me "wow you said you would never love to exercise." I agreed with her. I never in a million years,  pigs would fly before I actually desired to workout for the enjoyment of it.

    I even had a day where I ran/walked my normal two miles, then came home and didn't feel complete so I allowed Ms. Jillian Michaels to kick my butt for 20 minutes. I felt amazing. I feel amazing. I get excited to do my workout for the day. Rather than it being a chore, I actually can't wait to do it again.

    I made a few changes last week to my diet. I switched my daily calorie intake from 1500 to 1350. MyFitnessPal automatically asked me to change it about two weeks ago and I panicked. I wasn't ready then but this past week I thought I should try it. It actually isn't that big of a difference. It really makes me cautious of when I am cooking dinner. That tends to be my biggest meal of the day. Instead of the normal 500-600 calorie dinner, I try to find something that is more 400-500.

    I am most excited about the amount of exercise I did last week. Three days of running/walking, and three days of aerobic/weight lifting workouts.
    I almost forgot the most exciting thing that happened. (I know I say that a lot), but really this was the most exciting. So I told you last week that I was going to buy Bob Harper's Kettle Bell workout DVD, well here is the verdict. I love Jillian and have been very partial to her for a couple of years now, but I think I have found a new love. Not sure if it is Bob or the Kettle Bell part of it, but with them combined....L.O.V.E!

    You know when the contestants on the Biggest Loser show say "I'm gonna be sick" or they actually throw up? Yeah! That really happens. My kids sat and watched me at my first attempt of the Kettle Bell workout and towards the end they asked me if they should call daddy or 911 if I pass out. I looked that bad. I genuinely felt as though I was going to lose all the food I ate that day! It was awesome!!

    Second workout with him was much better. I finished without feeling like I was going to throw up and really fell in love with the Kettle Bell workout. I started with an 8 lb. Kettle Bell. I will probably progress to a 15 soon, but 8 was a perfect place for me to begin to learn the idea.
    Today when I woke up I ran to my scale to see how much weight I have lost and sadly it was not was I hoping for. A quick recap. Last week on Monday I only had .6 pounds to lose to hit 20lbs. The next day I did lose exactly .6 lbs. Then two days later I was down an additional 1.2 lbs. A total of 21.4 lbs. Happy right?!! Yes until the next couple of days when the scale started going up!! I have been getting kind of discouraged but all I can think is that because of the new weight lifting/aerobic exercising that I have now added, that I am gaining more muscle. Noah keeps reminding me that it will come off and I need to keep going and stay positive. I love for him for that. By the way, he has lost 13 pounds in his journey. I am so proud of him.

    So today I weighed in at 187. I hate writing that, just so you know. But I need to track it week by week so I can look back and see the progress. In addition, it's just easier for my brain rather than doing math :)

    Oh man it is...Week 8 picture...

    Next week I am truly hoping for a big amount of weight loss, but for now I will continue to fall more in love with working out and finding new ways to keep it new and fresh!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Laundry room redo!

    I was beyond ecstatic when my father in law offered me some free wood floors in the color that I love!!! The only catch was that he only had a few boxes. Well I immediate thought about my laundry room. I have been itching to redo something but due to budgets I didn't have much to work with and knew that I needed to do a small room. I had started out by picking out some inspirational rooms that I pinned a few weeks ago, on you know it...Pinterest! Striped walls kept jumping out at me like a jack in the box, but in a good way...not the scary way like those freaky clowns! Anyways I had my mind set on the stripes and I wanted them horizontal, not vertical. My husband try to talk me out of it, but I stuck to my guns.

    Noah was great in helping me. He taped off the entire room and actually did almost all the painting. We also had some help from an awesome high schooler. So thank you Brandon!

    We picked out a beautiful grey color from Behr. It's called Pewter Mug. Then my father in law gave me gallon of satin white paint. Not sure the color though. But it was free and white. That's all that mattered!

    We used frog tape. I heard wonderful things about it and the verdict...LOVED IT! Well worth the extra money. Even my sceptical husband loved it.

    I did a little research online about the best way to paint stripes. I was so nervous that the paint would bleed. And by nervous I mean I made Noah and Brandon nervous with all of the anxiety I was having over...yep STRIPES! HA!!
    So I took the advice of one blogger and I believe it made a world of difference! After painting the entire room white and taping off the stripes, I painted a thin clear coat of satin varnish  to seal the tape so the paint wouldn't bleed through. It worked!!! The other trick was to take the tape off by pealing it towards the grey.

     So here is a little taste of the room.
    I was really wanting to wait to show you all the final product, but the more I thought about it, the more anticipation I got to show you something now!

    This is just the beginning and we have much more to do, but I can't wait to hear what you think. Hope you like it!

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Week End Weigh In

    So yesterday was a pretty big milestone for me. I hit my 50 day mark of eating healthy and changing my life. I have never went this long! Whoo Hoo!!!! Can you tell I am excited?! I also have some great changes that have taken place that I can't wait to here it is.

    A couple of days ago I was driving and noticed a weird feeling that I have not experienced I think....EVER!
    I could actually feel room inside my pant leg! HA! Do you know what I am saying? My jeans always fit..I mean F.I.T! FIT!! They are tight in all areas. So I was so excited when I could actualy feel room inside my pants. Okay I know that sounds overly dramatic...but that is what I am DRAMATIC!

    Second I have lost another 1.8 pounds this week. I am .4 of a pound away from losing the BIG 2-0!! I can't wait. I have been setting some goals for myself and one is to lose another 37 pounds. I have realized that my life is too important to just let it go by without loving every minute. I know being DRAMATIC, does not make that easy for me, but I am going to do my best and enjoy every second with my family. My weight has not allowed me to do that. I have waisted too many years complaining and being unhappy. Something my husband said to me was " I don't care how you look, I care how it makes you feel." I have spent many days complaining about the way I look and I think he has heard enough complaining.

    I am going to buy a new DVD today. Bob Harper's Kettle bell.

    I can't wait to try it out. I am starting out with an eight pound kettle bell, which I have been advised I will not like. A friend of mine suggested that I start with a 25 pound kettle bell. Kettle bells are different from hand weights. Kettle bells are swung using more of your hips and core, where hand weights are all about arm strength. I don't know about you, but my upper body strength stinks! I think I am going to LOVE the kettle bells. I will let you know next week how it goes and if I had to head back to the store for a heavier kettle bell.

     A quick tip to maybe help you drink more water is to buy a "special cup." I don't know what it is, but I have found that if I drink out of my Starbucks cup, I will drink a ton more water verses drinking out of a regular cup. Plus I can always take it with me wherever I go. You don't have to get a Starbucks one, but many stores carry them. Drinking from this cup has encouraged me to drink about 3-4 of these a day.

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    Love is in the air

    Each year I anticipate decorating for the extra holidays. Valentine's, Easter, Fourth of know those "extra holidays." Valentine's Day is right around the corner and yet I don't have by my standards enough decorations to decorate, so why try. I just think "I'll do it the next year." Does that only happen to me?! Well this year was no different EXCEPT I now have Pinterest.

    I found some really cute things on there that inspired me to be a little more creative than going out and spending money on overpiced Valentine's Day decorations. So that's exactly what I did. I found things around my home to repurpose. I was actually surprised by myself...haha!

    I put fake flowers in vases that I already had and added water.

    This is too much Valentine's decor, but I wanted to show off the beautiful flowers Noah brought to me the other day just because. I also changed the mirror out for this picture frame that I love and had to have...thanks momma!

    This is where my mirror went. I just added some Mason favorite things...and then added some of our favorite candies. The tree got some heart garland and I made a cute little sign with my cricut.

    Simple things that can give your home some holiday love.

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Week End Weigh In

    Sorry I am just getting this out today. I really want to make sure I send the weeks installment of Week End Weigh In each Monday so I can stay consistent, but yesterday was a very special day for us. If you didn't get a chance to read...scroll down and check out what we celebrated!

    As for the last week it has been a little sad to me. I only lost 1 pound. A little dissappointing for sure but it hasn't stopped me from feeling great! A total of 17.4 pounds down. This last week I ran three times and worked out with my favorite friend, Jillian Michaels! I made asked Noah to do it with me. I don't think he enjoys it as much as I do...hehe! But he was a great husband trying to support me. I also went running with him yesterday for the first time since getting back into running. I really enjoyed it. There were only a couple times he ran funny to stay with me. You know his legs are twice my length and I don't know what it is with guys! It's like they say "Oh I am going to try and lose some weight"...and BAM!....down 30 pounds! and "I'm gonna start excersing"....and BAM! They can run a marathon!

    I have to admit though I totally cheated Sunday. You know it was super bowl and I kind of prepared by taking some nice juicy oranges with me so I would snack on those. Haha When my tummy saw those Reeses Pieces, they didn't even know what an orange was! I came home to find out that I roughly ate over by 700 calories that day. Sad but the next morning I weighed myself and gained nothing so I was definitley encouraged that one day of messing up in a month is not so bad!

    So I am trying to prolong this, but last week I promised I would be posting pictures and telling my weight! AHHHH! I am feeling a little queezy!! Okay here it goes. As of yesterday I weighed in at 189.6 {cough, cough} You do the math to figure out where I started because I have said too much already!

    So here is a picture from Sunday, because this will be the picture that will be shown for this post. As brave as I am for showing you, I am not wanting to see myself in a tight fitting outfit on facebook...if you know what I mean?!

    Okay so I am throwing it all out on the table...okay the interent. I don't even have makeup on! Now that's love!

    I can't wait to be able to have this journey documented and see a picture of me looking like this in a couple of months

    Well a girl can dream...can't she?!