Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend weigh in

WOW! What a week in my weight loss journey! 9 weeks ago I started a "Biggest Loser" group to try and get encouragement from other ladies that too wanted to lose some weight. Oh yeah and I wanted to try and win some money for losing this weight. I figured I am only doing this once, so I better make it good! We have only one week left and there is some pretty heavy competition, that's for sure. So this week I knew that I needed to step up my game, if I wanted a chance at winning our $400 grand prize.

At the beginning of the week I read on Jillian Michaels facebook that "if you are a woman trying to lose weight, you should eat only 1200 calories a day." Everywhere you look there are different amounts that are suggested to you, and since I began losing weight I have just followed the recommended amount that myfitnesspal suggested. So I dropped my calories from 1350 to 1200. It actually wasn't too hard, just one less snack a day really. Then I upped my workout intensity. I took the advice of a friend and began using more weights. I am not a huge fan of just standing around in a gym lifting free weights and counting reps. So I started using the P90X CD's. They are really good. The guy is a goof ball, but you can turn him down ;) My goal was to hit 3000 calories burned each day. Even though I only hit it a few times, it definitely pushed me to do better each day.

So what's my result? I lost exactly 7 pounds! I am so excited. I really feel like an actual contestant on the Biggest Loser show! They lose big numbers a lot and I always think, "How do they do that?" Well I realized there can be no cheating! Even with eating the right amount of calories, it needs to be the right kind of food. Some healthy snacks that I prefer are apples, carrots, dry almonds, lowfat cottage cheese, kiwi's, and sometimes nature valley bars.

Speaking of the Biggest Loser game show.....guess who got tickets to see the LIVE FINALE????? Oh ya ME! I was overjoyed when I got the email. I applied for them and got em! Look for me on t.v tonight...haha. I will have a darker fuscia dress on. I follow a lot of the past ladies on Instagram and they have been a huge inspiration to me and to think I might get to thank them?!

I can't forget the biggest milestone I hit this past week. I finally lost 40 lbs.! Oh ya I was stoked. It took me 4 months to do so and that averages to about 10 lbs per month. That meant I got new shoes.... I had my eye on a pair of Nikes that were on sale at Kohls. I went to try them on and was super disappointed because of the way they fit. The were really wide at the top part of my foot and knew that would annoy me. So I started looking at their Asics because that was my second choice.  I knew I wanted to get them from Kohls because Kohls will take back used shoes. I didn't want to spend money on shoes and get stuck with them if I didn't like them. Kohls also has tons of coupons. My shoes were usually $75 and they were on sale for $55 then I had a $10 off coupon and a 20 0r 30% off as well. So I paid $39 with tax. I am always on a mission for a great deal, and that to me was a great deal!

So I currently stand at 163.2. My goal is huge this week and I am not sure if I will hit it, but I am going to try....10 pounds here I come!

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