Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend weigh in

One word.....Vacation! It is amazing to me how much our lives revolve around food and family, food and fun, food and vacations! We just got back from a wonderful trip to Arizona to see Noah's brothers and their families. As much as I planned my food before we went, it was inevitable that I was going to fall short of my calories in and calories out. Fortunately my amazing sister in law help me prepare by getting me a pass to her gym. I do not use a gym nor have I been to one in over a year...and that was just once! I used to belong to a local gym but found that I was wasting a lot of money because I would just eat right through my workouts.
So more schedule went a little like this.....
Thursday morning before we left, I did a Jillian workout, then Friday we headed to the gym for an hour long spin class. Biked 20 miles! Then I ran on the treadmill for a mile and did a few run downs.

That night we enjoyed my favorite...Mexican Food! So I talked Noah and his brother Ryan into going for a run. I think we did right around 2.5 miles. Then Saturday came and I didn't get in a workout except the 2 mile walk to get frozen yogurt! mmm!  Sunday we walked around while watching Ryan and his mother in law Trisha complete a triathlon. That was so neat. I have never been to anything like that before and I had to hold myself back from jumping in the water with them. I found something I want to do....that's for sure! They gave me so much inspiration to do something like that. I am looking for a biathlon to start and then hopefully move onto a tri by adding the biking. I want to make sure that I enjoy it before I spend the money to buy a bike. Okay that's what Noah wants me to do...you know I would just buy the bike if it were up to me!

So back to my schedule. We again ate some yummy Mexican food before we hit the road to see Noah's grandpa, who was 3 hours away. Once we got settled in I went for a three mile run. I was feeling so crummy from the food that I had put into my body. It was not all terrible but just the Mexican food alone was enough for me to be uncomfortable. Sad because it is my favorite!

Needless to say we had a wonderful time and I came home 3 pounds heavier. I do think it had a lot to do with all the driving and being away from home. Today when I woke up I was back down to my pre vacation weight.
I am stepping it up even more to finish out our last three weeks of this competition. I REALLY want to win! I need to eat the same but burn 3000 calories a day to lose 5 pounds per week for a total of 15 more pounds of weight before our final weigh in! I am determined!

Here are some pictures of my family at the triathlon


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  2. To only be up 3 lbs...temporarily...after your vacation is victory in itself!!! You look AMAZING and it was great to spend time with you and your wonderful family. We love you and miss you already! XOXO Sher