Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend weigh in

I have been extremely busy, stressed out, and you know "moody" all over the place this week! Yep it has just been one of those weeks! However with eating whatever I wanted yesterday for Easter... Of course with a little portion control, I still managed to lose 1.4 pounds this week. Now it is all excuses why I didn't hit my 3 pound goal, but I am just saying goodbye to last week and taking the 1 pound weight loss joyfully! Focusing on today!

I am kicking things into high gear because I only have four weeks left of my biggest loser challenge and I really want to win this baby! I keep telling myself "calories in, calories out!" it really is that simple!

I did accomplish running 6 miles today! It felt amazing, until I hit the last mile. My body started to go numb in weird places. One of my middle toes, and arch of my foot. Then my hip felt like a Barbie doll hip, like it was going to be snapped out of the socket because A mean little kid that was ripping it out... Haha nope no little kid! Just me trying to finish the goal I gave to myself the night before. I ran it in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I am at 171.8 and I only need to lose another 4.8 pounds to get those running shoes and man there are way too many choices. That is for sure! I did hear about a nearby store that guarantees all of their shoes for a whole year though. So if I run with them and decide I don't like them, then I can exchange for a different pair.

My goal will be to tell you that I have accomplished losing 40 pounds next week. Five pounds... I can do five pounds! Oh wait I'm going on vacation! Ah well this is a lifestyle now so I gotta make it work!

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