Wednesday, February 29, 2012

simple starfish winner

Yesterday I recieved something very fun in my mailbox. A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest on one of my favorite blogs.

LAYLA over at THE LETTERED COTTAGE you can read her blog here:

Layla featured an amazing jewelry designer that offers something different. It is all customizable jewelry.  The company is called {simple starfish} and here is a little about what Christine, the designer, offers.

"{simple starfish} inspired by sun, sand and sea and the relaxed feeling of the beach.  Our goal is to create something unique and custom that you love!  Our beautiful, affordable personalized pieces of handmade, hand stamped jewelry are designs that you can wear each and every day while expressing your own unique personality.  We create one of a kind mommy necklaces so you can keep your little ones close to your heart.  But it's not just mommy necklaces or mothers necklaces, we also create grandma necklaces, aunt necklaces, sister necklaces, starfish jewelry and much much more."



I have been wanting to buy one for awhile now and just kept procrastinating. So when I saw that Layla was giving one away, I entered. I never in a million years thought I would win. She has like a ba zillion readers so I knew my chances were slim. A few days later I recieved an email from my friend Danielle all the way from Montana saying that she saw that I won the necklace. I was in shock, then freaked out, then couldn't find where it said I won, then was second guessing my friend...sorry Danielle, then found my name, then freaked out some more! WHOO HOO!! I love winning things. This was an amzing gift that I got to give to myself. So then Christine from {simple starfish} customized my winning necklace and sent it my way!


Isn't it great! I love it so much. So much of my jewelry is big flashy and sometimes a little obnoxious, which is the way I like it! But I was wanting something simple that I could wear with jeans and tshirt, yet I wanted it to make a statement. This necklace does just that.

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  1. Congrats, Tara! So happy you won and that you love your new necklace!