Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soccer has begun!

This past weekend Little T officially started her soccer tournament season with one of the largest tournaments that we have ever attended. Noah is the assistant coach this year to her team and we are very excited to see how they do this year.

Even my mom and my favorite little monkey came out to watch.

Each child on the team has to sit out one tournament because of the number of girls on the team. We decided to have Little T sit first. We then got a call from the U14 coach asking if she could play for his team. What an honor! I try very hard to be humble. Sometimes it is just not in my personality....and this weekend was no different. I was a PROUD MOMMA!

She just turned 12 and played this weekend with girls that are 13-14 some going on 15! She played her little heart out. I think she was a little intimidated at first, but then found the aggressive part of her that I know she has. They played her as a mid fielder for the first two games and sat her one quarter. Then the rest of the games she played center forward, all four quarters.

This was the girls warming up.

The coach asked if he could have her for the rest of the season, but with Noah coaching her actual team; we had to decline. It definitely pulls on my heartstrings though. I think most parents think their children are amazing at whatever activity they do. I am no different. I think she has a natural talent for playing soccer. Will she continue to do it in life? Not sure. For now I am enjoying the moment of watching her shine.


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