Tuesday, March 13, 2012

weekend weigh in

It has been a super busy week. So I apologize for not being able to post my weekly update yesterday. I Hope you didn't think I quit and started stuffing myself with oreos!! Even though that may sound good to have at least one, I am still chugging along! Something that I have come to realize is this is a lifestyle now. It is not temporary, it's forever! My body would probably still eat cookies, but mind is telling me something different. I am desiring to put healthy foods into my body! Now of course not every little thing is, but for the most part, I am making great choices. I am learning new things that I never really wanted to know. Like eating carbs after lunch is bad. My husband said "they stick to the inside of your body like glue." EWW! That is such a disgusting image to me, so I have been trying to make all of our complex carb meals for lunch instead of dinner. Rice, pasta, heavy breads..those kinds.

If you read my post on Friday about me and the hubster celebrating our anniversary, then you would know that he is AMAZING and got me the new fitbit. It is a very accurate pedometer that is super high tech. It not only monitors every step/stair I take, but it monitors my sleep habits. Tells me how many times I woke up in the middle of the night. How much sleep I actually got. It also is super small and just clips to the middle of my bra. I just have to walk close to my computer where the docking station is located and it will automatically upload my information to the computer. It tells me exactly how many calories I burned during the day and then I just log my food to show how much I ate. Brilliant. Noah did have to help me get started. I never understand all those informational guides. I just need it given to me simple and quick. Even then it might have to be repeated a few times...sorry babe!

So with this little gadget, I have now set some pretty high goals for myself. I want to lose three pounds every week. That will put me at my ultimate goal by June 25th. Now I know I may hit some plateaus but with the fitbit I know exactly what is going in and out, so therefor I should have a better chance of staying on track.
Each day I need to burn 2800 calories, and eat 1350.
I really should have the company send me a free one for how much I love and talk this thing up to people. Maybe I'll call them up...it never hurts to ask! Haha.

Yesterday I weighed in at 181.2. That is 25.8 pounds lost!

I will hopefully have a picture for you next week. I haven't forgot about that fun little thing....{cough cough}

Our Biggest loser group is also going great. The first week I was the second to last in weight loss...boo, but this week it made me step it up and I was in the top ten. These ladies are tough to beat. It makes me so happy though to have some friendly competition. I have the potential to win $400, so I keep imaging going to Ikea and buying my new counter tops with that money. Then I will have another great thing to share with you, so root for me, would ya?!

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