Thursday, May 10, 2012

week end weigh in

This has been one of the most emotional weeks I have had in my weight loss thus far! As you know, We had our final weigh in this past Monday night for our Biggest Loser Challenge. Let me back up to two weeks ago. I started off by cutting my calories to 1200 a day and attempting to burn 3000 calories a day. Well some days I hit that goal and some I didn't. I never ate over my intake but didn't always hit 3000. Some days I did and when I didn't I was right around 2800! That consisted of running almost everyday as well as an hour of weight lifting/workout video. My 1200 calorie intake was nothing but great food for me....that meant absolutely NO sweets, NOTHING greasy, REALLY I FELT LIKE I COULD EAT BARELY....ANYTHING! haha!! Sunday before the weigh in I went for a run and I was anticipating running 6 miles and as I was running I felt so good and determined that I went for 10 miles! I finished  9.3 all because of a nasty blister that started appearing on my foot in my last two miles. I felt a huge accomplishment even with the 9.3 and can't wait to add to that distance. So with all this said.....Monday came and the results.....


 I did end up losing 13 pounds in two weeks!

I have to admit I cried....selfishly my feelings were crushed. I thought for sure I was going to win first place. I know I know...."I should be grateful for second" yes I am HOWEVER....I REEEEAAAAALLLLYYYY wanted to win!!! I am truly one of the most competitive people out there, which some of you know!

So this post needed to come today and not Monday, because it would have said a lot of other things. I have been able to move past my disappointment and remember I am still working on a goal. Even though that challenge is over, I still have a journey to complete. Today I weighed in at 160.6. Officially losing 46.4 pounds since December 26th. That of course has been after my "rewarding" Yes I ate a few too many cookies and a frappaccino in the last two days. Today is a new day and I will enjoy those things, but only in moderation.

Last week I told you that I won tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale?! It was so much fun!! What a wonderful experience that I got to have with Noah. To top it off we got called to sit in the very front row! I got to see all my favorite past contestants...Olivia, Hannah, Courtney, and even Sam and Stephanie, who met on the show and are now married! It was so neat. I asked Mark and Buddy why they left the show and they said they aren't allowed to talk about it yet, but I can't wait to hear! They were so nice and I could tell there were absolutely no hard feelings for either of them!

I have actually reevaluated my goals and I want to lose 14.4 more pounds to hit 145. I am very happy with what my body looks like now and I know those last 15 will be just toning up my body. I hope to get into a size 7 jeans...which I have no idea what size I am now because I have yet to go shopping. Lots of dresses for now :)


  1. Tara, Tara, oh my goodness. Beyond proud of you and I am sure you are feeling A-MA-ZING!!

  2. way to go Tara! You are my inspiration :) I have never run more than 4 miles!! Excited to hear more of your journey!