Monday, March 26, 2012

week 13

Sometimes it seems so easy, and sometimes it seems super hard! For some reason the beginning of the week seems so simple. I usually lose about 3 pounds between Sunday and Wednesday and then my body seems to like stop! Which, three pounds a week, well it's my goal. This week though for some reason I gained back two pounds. This week was a whopping 1.2 pounds lost, but hey I didn't gain.

I did change something up a little. Noah and I watch a great documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was great and I loved watching it. It geared Noah and I up for some juicing. Now when I used to think of juicing, I used to think Juice it up, or Jamba juice. Delicious and full of....sugar! Well this was a different type of juice. Any fruit and any vegetable juice. No sugar, no flavors, just raw veggies and fruit. We decided to try and juice for our dinners. So far we have done four nights and I actually enjoyed it. That is except for the onion, that was a bad idea.

After hitting up Costco and trying to get as much organic as I could we had a stocked fridge.

So here is to a better week!!!

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