Tuesday, March 20, 2012

week 12

So I think today is week 12?! It doesn't seem like I started that long ago. So many things have changed for me though. I love that I almost never get that "stuffed" feeling after I eat. I never feel sick. Of course I say almost never because there was the night with the pazookie! haha I will never do that again! Did I mention I ate it at one in the morning?! YUCK!!

I did have this picture on one of Pinterest boards and it helped me stay focused even when I felt like nothing was changing.

I see myself everyday and so I don't always feel like I have changed that much. Many friends have started noticing and their compliments have made me feel great. Definitely praying for humility through those comments, but who doesn't love being told "you are melting!"

This past Friday my mom invited me to a chocolate boutique. Now my first reaction was chocolate? I can't be around chocolate! That is my weak spot. And it doesn't matter what form it comes in....cookie, candy, covered...it's all AMAZING! I wanted to spend some time with her and my sister so I went making sure that day I had left some calories. Luckily they had coffee. So I filled up on a nonfat decaffeinated coffee. Then I had two pieces of sugar free chocolate and finally some plain strawberries and pineapple. Now before, I would have covered all that in the chocolate fountain like the rest of the ladies, but I was grateful I didn't. The only bad part was that the next day I was CRAVING MORE! Yep I can't believe how that stuff is addicting.

I have been running more and decided that I wanted to set a new goal for myself. I want to run 15 miles a week. Right now I am averaging eight, so I want to step it up a little. My fitbit tells me that I need to burn 2800 calories a day, and it seems like I fall short of that almost everyday. Running is a great way to burn more calories and if one day I want to run a half marathon then I need to step it up!

This week I lost another 3 pounds. I kind of feel like I have been able to keep up with these biggest loser contestants. I know some of the ladies lose around 5-7, but some lose 3 pounds a week and I think the last few weeks I have been doing that. Well actually it has been the last two....well anyway it is something haha!

I have been procrastinating on this but here is an updated picture of myself.

and here is a side by side...

                 week 6 vs. week 12

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