Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yesterday was a great day that I wanted to share with you all. Noah and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and 13 years together. Yep that's right we started dating and got married and don't forget got engaged all on the same day. Different years of course!

We met through a mutual friend while I was still in high school and he was one year out of high school. I really fell fast for him. Now that happens at that age a lot, I know. I was no different but our relationship was. We worked through some harder times in the beginning of our relationship and made it work. I am so grateful we did!
He is my best friend, the one I desire to talk to, share dreams to, confide in, trust and love! He is an amazing husband who loves me more than I deserve. He is a man that loves the Lord and guides our family to do so as well!
To celebrate the night we headed out for a night on the town with a couple of our friends! We went out to a burger place called Slaters. They are famous for their 50/05 burgers. 50% ground beef and 50% bacon. Now I know what you are thinking.... I did not enjoy what they are famous for, instead I enjoyed a southwest salad that was modified to fit my needs. We then headed over to a Gungor concert. I am new to the whole Gungor scene, however I am majorly impressed! I think I found a new favorite band!

(terrible picture...sorry)

You can't beat being with your love in a Room full of people worshipping the Lord! It doesn't get much better than that!

To top the night off we went to BJ's to get a Pazookie! Mmmmm! It was good but not worth the cheat!


The night was wonderful and we enjoyed it some of our great friends Sarah and Allen! Thanks for being our chauffeur for the night guys! We had a blast.

Today in the mail, I received a wonderful gift from my hubby. The fitbit!!! The pedometer/heart rate monitor that I posted about a few weeks ago...yep he's awesome!!

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