Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scooby's room

A few weeks ago we did a little rearranging in Scooby's room so I wanted to share what it looks like.

So first I wanted to make over his toy box. My sister in law made this at Home Depot and had it painted with different shades of her hand print. Now as sweet as that is, I was usually finding the box being shifted from one closet to the next because the colors didn't match anywhere, and therefore not really utilized. So I started out with red, and it looked TERRIBLE! So then I primed it and and painted it white.

I had some wooden letters that I was able to paint and bring in the color red. Yes that is Scooby's name...I wasn't able to show you his room unless you saw this, and I thought it was too cute to keep to myself.

Then Noah added some hinges on the inside so the lid won't slam down. Mainly for the little fingers that visit our home once in awhile. We added some batting and then covered the lid with Scooby's baby blanket. That is my favorite part!! I think it adds so much character and sentimental value.

 So here is the whole room. Two beds fit nicely that we can use for guests and it gives him two options of sleeping quarters! You can't see it great, but the picture was actually given to us and it refers to your walk with God. I just love how the room turned out.

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