Monday, January 2, 2012

Rose Parade

We were so blessed today by some amazing people. A few months back, Noah was asked to help a family in need and they in return asked our family to attend the annual Rose Parade. Ah! I am still shocked that we got to go. For many years I have longed to sit on the curb of downtown Pasadena while the parade passed by. I have always heard that it is so hard to go because you have to camp out for days and well with kids that was just not happening for this family. So when this opportunity came about, you can say I was just a little over the top with excitement!

We headed down early in the morning and found our way to a spot that had been saved by an amazing family since the middle of October! It was a beautiful 86 degrees and we had a blast!

Warning...lots of photos to follow!

                                                                         Our Family
                                                                         My friend Jen
                                                         My mother in law also got to come.
                                                             Our friends Jen and Orlando
                                                                           It Begins!
                                                                         Kenny G.

                                                                     John Gidding from HGTV
                                                                     This is how close we were

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