Thursday, December 29, 2011

A look back at 2011

I can't believe another year has flown by. My chitlins are getting older by the second which means I too am getting that much older! AH!! Where's the wrinkle cream?! This year has been quite the roller coaster. Things that have changed our lives possibly forever have taken place. Many being good. So I wanted to take a moment to share with you what our 2011 looked like!


We started the year off as Little T's team season team made it to playoffs then advanced to Bakersfield. Big deal for our small community!

Little T turned 11! We threw her a long overdo party! 26 of her closest friends came to our home to celebrate her. It was a black and white theme. Everything was black and white! Food, candy bar, decorations, and clothing. We even turned our pantry into a photo booth! The kids played minute to win it games. My favorite was the Oreo cookie one. You started with the cookie on your forehead and had to move your face in all funny directions in order to get it into your mouth without using your hands! I almost peed watching them all do it!

   Noah took me to Glen Ivy to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We I had so much! I think he enjoyed himself, however he went to completely make my day! I love that my husband is my best friend.                                                                                                                                              

   March 18th we were honored to spend a precious day with Noah's brother. He and his
 fiance said "I Do" in Phoenix Arizona. Noah was one of their groomsman and looked so handsome! Ryan and Katie are precious to us for many reasons...the main one being that they are the God parents of children! Love them to pieces!!



Little T qualified in her school as one in five girls that were considered the fastest runners. With that she got to compete in something the school district called the Miracle Mile. She had to run 1 mile. Being that it was her second actually racing other girls, I was a bit nervous for her and coached her to do her best, and no matter what place she came didn't matter. I was proud of her either way! Well that was all thrown out the window when I saw her turning the corner on her last lap in FIRST place! I was screaming so loud. She ended the race coming in second, only two seconds behind her friend that placed first. I was beyond proud!! She's got a competitive side to her that she will not let go of.

A surprise trip to Knott's Berry Farm!


I got to go to my favorite place..Glen Ivy! I know again!! This time to celebrate the last time I will have a 2 in front of my age.
Scooby graduated Kindergarten. That went so fast. I thought I just had him?! I have to remember to not blink anymore...geesh!                         

We took the kids on a camping trip to San Onofre Beach! What a blast. Our first time tent camping. We loved it. We want to go back next summer! There is nothing like trying to shower yourself and three kids in the dark while its cold! Oh and don't forget trying to stay clear of the skunks! I really did love it!

At the end of June Noah and I headed up to Hume Lake for one week to mentor some amazing high schoolers! A week that was spent encouraging 11 teenage girls and 11 teenage boys, took mine and Noah's relationship with God to a whole new level. I was so moved by everything I learned. I can not wait to spend many more years there if God will have me!
The well... this is the aftermath of something called " Kajabee Can Can"


We celebrated three birthdays. First up Noah, then Miss Charlie's! She turned nine this year. She has just grown into an amazingly loving girl! We had 5 of her girlfriends over for a sleepover. They all received a pedicure via yours truly. They watched a movie while giggling through most of it. The next morning we headed over to theatre to see a movie!

 Next was scooby! He turned six just one week later! It does become a little difficult trying to coordinate all these birthdays! We took Scooby and a friend to see our local baseball team. He loved it! He got to catch a foul ball and then got to run the bases when the game was over. I am not into baseball, however there is something different when it is live!

  We got in one last trip to the beach with my aunt and her son. Him and Scooby are only 8 days apart. They were here visiting from Texas. We desperately would love for them to live closer, so when we do see them we make the best of it!

                                                                      Back to school!
Little T~ Sixth grade
Charlie~ 4th grade
Scooby~ 1st grade

Charlie started something new for her. It is called Sunshine Choir. At our church the kids are able to serve by singing and dancing with the elementary school kids during service. Right before we left to take them to service, I snapped this quick picture of her with her t-shirt on.

Soccer Season Starts! U12 girls...and um Noah and I coached her team! Best part was loving on them!! Noah really did all the coaching. I was their cheerleader!

God lead me to a whole new adventure! Homeschooling!

Our precious Autumn got married. Autumn is an amazing lady who loves the Lord and has blessed our family beyond measure! We loved the celebrating her big day with her! She looked stunning and her wedding took my breath away! There was even valet parking! Tee Hee, not really but Noah and I managed to get our car valet by the greeters. Funny story, one day I might share!


Celebrated dressing up and candy! We had a great time with some of our soccer friends. Little T~ A 50's sock-hop nerd. Charlie~ An iPod. Scooby~ Yoshi. Noah~ Waldo. Me~as myself!


The kids enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast a little early at their first Homeschool outing. We all met some new friends and got to learn about the origin of the Thanksgiving tradition!

The end of our soccer season. The girls placed 2nd! So we are now headed to Lancaster for finals! So proud of them. They had the best sportsmanship I have ever seen! We even got to share a little bit of Jesus with them!


Our year is almost through and I am sitting here in awe of the amazing things God has provided our family with.

Each Other
 and the excitement to grow closer to Him in ALL things!

May God bless you and your family abundantly this next year!

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