Tuesday, January 10, 2012

last weeks project

Sometimes I will get this idea to change some things around or start a new project and that usually happens because someone is coming to stay and I want to impress. That usually gives me a small time frame to get the projects done before our guests arrive! Last week I started two things. The kids bathroom and Scooby's room/toybox. Sadly I can only show the redo of the bathroom because the pictures of Scooby's room have his name in them. So until I learn how to white it out, I will have to wait to show you. 

For two and a half years the kids shower has had a hole in it. Embarrassing that we waiting so long to get it fixed. To be honest, Noah and I just never see it so it was forgotten about. That was until our guests were going to be using that bathroom when they stayed. So with the help of my father in law it was fixed. I painted and put up a new shower curtain and also some fun paneling. Here are some pictures.

Here is the before. I loved this bathroom collection from Target. It is not always easy to find a unisex bathroom set. So when I saw this 5 years ago, it was perfect. Now that the kids are getting older I wanted to change it up a little and not have it be so "kiddish."

                                                      See the hole around the shower head

                                                                Here it is all cleared out.

 So here it is. I Noah put bead board up on the wall and some molding. I am still looking for the right hooks to add. I want to add the hooks to hold steel buckets that will hold some bathroom necessities. I added the shower curtain which used to be Little T's curtain's in her room that we just recently redid. I still want to add more bead board to the wall behind the door as well as paint or stain the cabinetry. Maybe even add molding around the mirror to take away the ugliness of these standard bathroom mirrors. So far I am really happy with it. Best part is that we spent only $24! I reused things we already had. The paint was Prism White that the rest of the house was painted in. I repainted the towel rack black to give it a more modern and sophisticated look. I can't wait to finish this up in the next couple of monthsand show you a completed bathroom.

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