Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday was our first day back from our loooong Christmas Break. Amazing something like 25 days off! Over the break I was trying to come up with a way to stay at our current school CAVA but yet changing some things up to better fit our family. The kids get a list of work to do each day and we have been following their work that way. The problem that I was facing is that I was not able to be prepared for what they were doing each day because of all the different subjects. So a friend recommended block scheduling like some schools actually do. It sounded exciting and the change that I was looking for. So I began by mapping out the amount of assignments they have until the end of the year. Yep I said "the end of the year!" Lots of work let me tell you, but I knew that this was what needed to happen so that I could fulfill my role as teacher. I needed time to plan out what we can do per subject. Get a little creative with things but yet accomplish what the school and myself are wanting my children to learn.

So I needed something that would simply allow me to put their lesson plans down for them to see. Surprisingly I was having a hard time finding something that would work. Most planners are around $12 each and that's about $35 for planners?! No thanks. Then companies would sell them for $2 each but you had to buy a minimum of 100. Mainly for public schools I suppose. I then went to the dollar store that was recommended by my mil, thanks Jen ;) Yes they had exactly what I looking for and at a whopping $3, that was definitely in my budget!

                          Not the cutest thing but I can cover it with some pretty scrapbooking paper!

This is what the inside looks like

Schedule: Monday/ Fridays: Math  History Sign Language
Tuesday/ Thursdays: Science Language Arts
Wednesday: Art Sign Language and Cooking, Craft, or Field Trip Day
Fridays: Little T/ Typing Scooby and Charlie/ Guitar

With our new schedule I have implemented a few new things that I have been wanting to teach my kids. One is sign language. I have a deaf brother and I learned sign language at a young age. I never fully became fluent but I know a lot. I started to teach the kids when they were babies but really only got to no, yes, and mom before I stopped. We will be doing a signing class three days a week and I hope to make them fluent in the next few years.

Second we are doing a music class for Scooby and Charlie that is on Fridays. Noah will be teaching them along with himself. Hehe. He has had this desire to learn so for Christmas I bought him a guitar and he now wants to teach the kids. Who says you have to spend lots of money on lessons! We also might have a high schooler come over who has a passion for playing the guitar to come over and teach. His mom offered his services saying "he would love to teach them" so we will see.

Little T will begin a typing class that is online. I want my kids to grow up learning things that I didn't learn because right now as I type this I am chicken pecking...yep chicken pecking. Fast I might add, but still chicken pecking.

I can't wait for even more things to open up to teach my children. Next year I am planning on doing Trip USA. Which will take us through the entire United States. Teaching them state facts, famous people who came from that state and even favorite foods. My hope is to even visit some new states with them for "our schooling." Well a fun vacation is always fun whether it's for school or not. Maybe a right off? Okay I am getting ahead of myself right. Just excited, that's all.

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