Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little oragnization

I admit that on the surface my home looks organized. Mainly because I despise clutter! Hate it, don't want it around. Mainly if I can't see it, I'm good. However when I go into a certain cupboard or closet I might just cringe at what I see. So I am on a mission to organize each and every inch of my home this year. Things that are seen and unseen!

Yesterday as I was trying to find medicine I opened my cupboard to see this...

So I really attempted the organizing thing with this cupboard but as you can see, failed miserably.

So I found these awful, beat up, bread pans that I obviously couldn't use anymore. What was great about them though was that they are metal and the are the perfect size. Plus I had four of them.

Then I used my amazing cricket and made some matching tags to put on old magnets.

I tore the cover of the old magnet off and glued my new cutout on top. This way I could write what was inside.  Next I sorted my big bin of medicine into four categories. One for dosing cups ( you know those little cups on top of the medicine to measure your dosage) I didn't know they had a name other than "get one of those things for your medicine" The other three categories are first aid, vitamins and medicine.

I also keep my bills in an easy to grab but not out in the open organizer. So it got a pretty label too.

I keep the kids saving jars up there. We pay them an allowance each week and they must tithe and save 10% so this is where the savings goes. I used empty candle jars to put the money in. Then made a tag out of my Cricut.

Next I had the cases and decided to put glasses and flashlights in them. We use both a lot and now they are in arms reach to use them.

Now for the finale.....

I added an ice bucket to hold all of the batteries. I also used the extra space to display some pitchers that have broken over the years and are unusable but, still pretty. What I love most is how it coordinates and I did use one penny to do this project. I just used what I already had.

Here's a side by side...Before and After


  1. Wowzers! It doesn't even look like the same cabinet! I adore how resourceful you were!


    1. Thanks Jen! I hope to have something soon that will be featured on your blog! It is always inspiring!!

  2. Great transformation. I would love for you to stop by and link up at my linky party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

    1. Thanks so much! I will try and head over soon!!