Thursday, January 26, 2012

Entry way progress

I just LOVE Pinterest! With being a little obsessed, I have found so much inspiration for redoing my home. I love the idea of making things new. I always say I want to move, but in reality I think I just like change! Crazy because most people I think dread it. I remember as an early teenager I would rearrange my bedroom at least once a month. It felt like a brand new room. For some reason I have not done that in my home (hence the desired moving) So now I am on a mission to keep things fresh and new and at the lowest cost. I didn't have money back when I was rearranging as a child so I am sure I can pull it off as an adult with money!

 I have had the same wall decorations since we moved in two and a half years ago. I definitely was bored and a change was much needed. I am not completely finished but here is the progress.





You will have to excuse the picture angles. This is our front entry which is extremely narrow. Like I said, this is the beginning of the makeover. I took pictures that I already had and changed some frames around to create this collage. I love the one of my mother in law when she was a little girl....I can't believe how much my little Charlie looks like her. I also had some plates from Home Interiors from a long time ago that just collected dust. So I grabbed some liquid nails and put those babies up. Just a little advice...make sure they are completely dried before taking your hand away. One fell and about died, but I revived it. It was quite a task gluing the little pieces back together but worth it because two just didn't look the same. I brought the dresser in from my daughters room when she got a new one. I found the basket at Hobby Lobby so Noah and I went to our annual memorial day yard sales and found some older umbrellas to put in it.

To finish the hallway my goals are..
* to paint the dresser
* put new knobs on the dresser
* paint horizontal stripes
* get a rug
* put something on the opposite wall, not sure what yet

Hope you like it!

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