Monday, January 16, 2012

My weight loss journey

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my 2012 goals? Well I wanted to stay current with one of those goals. What better accountability for my weight loss journey than all of you reading this. So if there comes a day when you haven't read up on my healthy choices than feel free to ask about it. Because I know if I am not posting its because I have let food over take me once again! Wow I feel like maybe I should delete, delete, delete! But I can't! I really want nothing more than to become a healthy role model for my children. That in itself gives me strength to go on each day. Having you as my accountability partners definitely ups the anti!!
So yesterday was my 21 first day of eating healthy and staying at my 1500 calories a day mark. I have been told that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so that is why I am so happy to see that 21st first day. More Hope.  I have to admit the first two weeks were great. I felt amazing and never had the desire to eat more than my 1500 calories. Then week three hit! You know for us ladies there is just that week that ALL food looks amazing and your body has this uncontrollable desire to eat everything chocolate?! Well that was me last week. I still never went over my calorie allowance for the day, however I found myself eating extra chocolate that I didn't need to eat. My weight did not drop. I actually gained one pound back! AH FRUSTRATION!! However the words of my son and now of God telling me that I can do all things through Him that strengthens me, helped me each day to make that decision to eat healthy and continue on.
So as of right now I feel so amazing to have gotten through that rough patch. The main reason being is that I am actually desiring to eat healthy!  I love vegetables. I cook them in almost everything. I liked them before but they were not priority. I have even noticed that my kids are eating them more. I have been open and honest with them about being healthy and taking care of the bodies that God entrusted us with. We still struggle to get out of those bad habits, like wanting something quick for lunch. Boxed food or quick snacks. I have been cooking and baking snacks and almost all of our food. We have never really been big fast food eaters, however now when we are making that choice, we will grab subway. Well we did the one time we went out for fast food. haha.
I am not posting any pictures yet, because I am only down 9 pounds. I will try to update once a week in hopes to encourage some of you. I have also started working out. That is something I have not done since the kids started homeschooling. So last week two workouts in and this week hopefully more! I will be in touch.

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