Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I hope your Christmas was magical! This year was quite different than all our other years. As a family we have enjoyed our tradition of spending Christmas Eve at my mother in laws home with all of my husbands siblings and their families. Then we would head home around 11:30-12 and get our Christmas ready for the next morning. Our family would come over in the afternoon on Christmas day and we would spend the day playing games, enjoying good food while opening presents.
It was bitter sweet for us to start a new tradition this year that was well, unexpected. Without too much detail we needed to start something new this year. So we were extremely delighted when we were invited to an extended family's home to enjoy Christmas Eve. We were able for the first time to go church service at night and be home ready for bed by 10pm.  It was extremely enjoyable and we can't wait for next year. Our family came over as usual on Christmas day and it was so nice and peaceful. Here are some pictures from our day.

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