Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Help

So I just finished watching The Help! Yes literally just finished and felt an extreme urge to get on here to write. And yes it is 12:30 in the morning! First let me say. I love movies that hit me to the core and this was one of them. I felt as though I was living in this movie and trying to picture how I would react! The movie had so much to do with racism, however the amazing message that I recovered from it was in the last scene where Aibileen says "god tells us to love our enemies" isn't that so powerful?! Here's a woman that is treated terribly because of the color of her skin, and yet continues to respect and show love towards those people. I don't know about you but for me, it's easy to love the ones who love me. It is so much harder to love those who don't. Being able to turn the other cheek and show love to people who quite frankly, don't deserve it, is probably the hardest commandment that god gives us.

There have been times lately that I have felt the true essence of the phrase "being persecuted.". The bible talks about the ramifications of being a Christ follower. Until this year I have never truly understood what that meant. Instances where I am verbally put down because of my beliefs. Called names and having a label placed on me because of my faith. It definitely hurts me and my immediate reaction is to lash out and fight back, however I know that by stopping and taking at look at my own actions and not theirs will give me the strength to apologize and change how I have been. Especially if they are feeling wronged by me.

My heart is aching for those women in the story. Even though I have not had to endure a life like that, I somehow think I would not treat others like that either. But do I? Do I choose to get in my car quickly before the homeless person asks for me for money? Do I avoid certain stores because of the "type" of people who shop there? Do I act as if I am too good to do things that our perfect Heavenly Father came to do here on earth? Yes I am guilty of all of this.

I will continue to love you and continue to forgive. I will make a better effort of showing the unlovable more love. It may not be easy but I am here to please one and only one. My GOD.

Bottom line... I am so grateful that I am stepping out to make it known to my world, that I love Jesus!

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