Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jesus is the reason for the season

I came across a post on facebook a few days ago and it talked about an advent experience for your children. I read a little bit on it and was ready to buy it before I even finished reading the post. Truth in the Tinsel.

Each Year I desire to do more and more with my children to teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I actually get very overwhelmed with the bucket lists and everyday events that take place leading up to Christmas day. I just try to make sure we

A. Read the story of when Jesus was born.
B. See as many friends and family that we can.
C. Go see Christmas lights.
D. Bake and bake some more
E. and really just try and have a stress free holiday.

Well this year I wanted to try something that would help me share the good news of Jesus. So when I came across this ebook, I just knew I needed to get it. Best part, it is a download and you receive it immediately! On a side note, if you aren't handy with the computer, enlist the help of someone. I learned the hard way.

Here's a link to the website where you can purchase it for only $4.99!   It comes with complete instructions, templates, instructions for everything, as well as bible verses to go along with it. Each day you get to read some verses to your children about the coming of Jesus and make an ornament to go along with the scripture.

As a family we have definitely transformed the way we celebrate Christmas. I grew up with presents being the main event! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE getting gifts! Really anytime not just Christmas. {SMILE} However I know that it has blurred the way that we look at Christmas. Our children too started expecting presents because that is what we did. So a few years ago as our relationship with God grew closer, we realized that we needed to change some things. One thing was what we bought for the chitlings for Christmas. Now Noah had more of an issue than I did. We still buy gifts, but we choose to buy only three. I feel like that is a good compromise and really our children are so blessed that they don't really need more things. I will come back to this in a second.

We have yet to tell the two little ones that Santa is not real but I know we will be doing that soon. For some reason I struggle with that one the most. Well honestly I struggle with change period. I will be praying for this to come as an easy discussion and transition for them. As much as I think that little elf is cute...again another thing to take away Jesus' glory. Bottom line is, if it doesn't put Jesus front and center, then we forgo it.

So back to the gifts....
My husband actually could do without gifts all together. It is by far NOT his love language. Every year we argue have deep discussions about what gifts to buy and for who, how much and pretty much anything that has to do with gift giving for our extended family and children. So we made a bet this year that if he doesn't bring up anything that restricts me from buying gifts for our family this year, then we would all not participate in gift giving at all next year to see if it will be giving more glory to God. I can already tell you that I am not excited about this but sometimes I need to just suck it up and honor my husband's least for this one...right?!

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