Saturday, October 8, 2011

Home School Room

Three weeks ago I read an article called "Leader of the Pack: Relieving the Strain on Overworked Kids." I started reading it and then quickly laid it down because I knew the Holy Spirit was beginning a new work in me and I have to admit I didn't want it. All of my friends can attest to the  fact that I was always the one saying "I am so grateful God has not called me to home school." Well those words started to stir a lot inside the moment I starting reading this article. If you are interested, it is the October issue of the Family Circle magazine. (WARNING: YOU MAY BE CHANGED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT) Well after some prayer and great advice from some loving friends, we took the plunge. There is nothing like listening to those inner feelings that you know can only be God!
The first week was rough....very rough! There was a lot of "whys" and "Are you sures." I have all faith that this is our calling to follow the Lord in a command that only He could give me! Now we will beginning our fourth week and I am so full of joy! I love the simplicity of my kids waking up and actually sitting down to a peaceful breakfast, together. I get to enjoy teaching them about God, last week was Enoch, and then starting our school work. No  more rushing around. "Hurry wake up and shower" "Hurry get your homework done, we need to get to soccer" "Hurry eat your dinner, we have to get to bed." Seven hours a day was sucked up by school while I kept busier than ever. Now I get to teach my children about what the most important thing is in our lives, God! Yes we are learning about dividing fractions and parts of speech, but that only takes a few hours now and the rest of the time we get to enjoy each other as a family. I have come to realize that I only have about 18 years of my small life to be the major influence in my children's lives and I have been waisting 35 hours a week by having them in school.
Like I said before my main purpose is to inspire people, I never want to judge or offend anyone for their choices. God calls us all to follow Him and by doing that we have to read the word and see where He leads us. I believe we must be willing to reach to Him in order to see His agenda.

Here are some pictures from our new space...our school room! There is still room for more creativity but I am loving it so far.

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  1. What a great looking space!! What are you using for curriculum??