Sunday, October 23, 2011

So what is faith? Loyalty or allegiance to a cause or person.
     For so long I have felt that my faith is strong. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe that I am saved by the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. I believe that I strive each and everyday to grow closer to God in a loving relationship. I have been challenged however this week by "Do you BELIEVE God?"
   I had to really meditate on this idea. My first reaction was yes of course, but the more I thought about it the more I doubted my first response.  God has been stretching me in my faith, especially lately. I have been intentionally praying for the Lord to guide me where he wants me to be, show me what He wants me to do for His kingdom. No matter what, wherever, whenever...I will follow.
    Well that was put to the test this past Friday night. Now this might scare some of you, but please don't let what I am about to tell you, deflect the main message that I am trying to bring. Remember BELIEVE God. Some loud firework sounds starting going off what seemed close to my home. I quickly realized it was not fireworks, but actual gun shots. Not only were they close but they were coming from right across the street. Apparently a car drove by shooting at the neighbors house. My first reaction was ok God this is it, the proof that I needed to see that you want us to move out of this neighborhood, maybe even this state. After praying about it and reaffirming to God that I will do His work wherever He calls me, as well discussing with husband that we need to move somewhere safer.... Noah quickly brought a few things to my attention. We have been volunteering with our high school students for a little over a year now, teaching them how to read their bibles. A wonderful and very safe environment that we have blessed to be apart of. There are 18 homes on our street and only three do not have high schoolers living in them. Never once have we went out of comfort zone to ask these teenagers to be apart of our church or its programs. With a smile on his face he shared with me that he has not been this excited about God's work in our lives  ever. I was very confused for a moment until the Holy Spirit layed on my heart "Stop praying that you will do my work, if you are going to just turn away what I am putting in front of you." My first reaction is "but God, that's not what I want to do for you." Wouldn't that be yours?  God is at work all around you, but you must be willing to throw yourself into what He is already doing. I truly believe that this shooting needed to take place in order for me to see that there is a need that we can fulfill for Him. However many thoughts run through my mind but one in particular is that I am only one person, how can I change my world. It is not my world to change. It is God who wants to change the world and use me as a tool.  I need to BELIEVE GOD!

Phillippians 4:13 ~ I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

   With God centered in a mission, I have nothing but hope for great results. If only one changes and stops the cycle in their home then we have succeeded in changing the future. I can not wait to share more in how God is working. For now I must work on getting over my fears and doubts so God can then be glorified. He is definitely showing me what real faith looks like!


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  1. "Whenever God involves you in His activity, the assingment will have Godlike dimension to it (be God-sized)... They were always beyond what people could do in their strength because He wanted to demonstrate His nature, His strength, His provision, and His love to His people and to a watching world."